Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another cloudy and rainy day in Sun City.  It began to rain again early in the evening, and even had a bit of hail.  The rain continued for a good part of the night.  It was wet when we got up this morning.  The weather people said it was not going to rain today, but when we left the camper to go up to the ballroom for "Shoppers Paradise" (once a month craft sale), it was raining.  So much for no more rain.  By the time we were ready to walk out home, it was not raining, but the clouds continued.  It has been a cool, cloudy day all day. 

This afternoon we went down to David and Janice's for a little while, then home again.  Tonight we are going to a country western dance with Cordell and Gaye.  Janice and David will join us at the dance after their worship service. 

The dance will give us a chance to practice our AZ 2-Step.  Since we missed class this past week, we sure do need practice. 

All in all it will be a lot of fun.

Until tomorrow

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