Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Again!!

If you follow the blog you have noticed that I have not posted anything since last Saturday. 

 We left Sun City on Sunday right after church heading east toward home.  As planned we got up early enough to hook up the camper and head to church to park the camper in the church lot, while we attend church.  It was fun to sing in the choir one more time this season.  When church was over we headed for coffee prior to heading out.  When we walked into fellowship hall we saw a couple that looked familiar.  As it turned out they were a couple we had in interim education a few years ago.  He was in between interims.  It turns out their home is in Sun City.  We were really sad and we were leaving as they were just arriving. 

Since I had packed lunch to save time, we ate our lunch in the truck.  The first night we got to Gallup, New Mexico where we stayed in a Walmart parking lot.  The next night we stayed in a campground in Amarillo, TX.  Then onto Onapa, Arkansas, where we stayed in another campground. 

For our last night out we had decided to spend the night at the Thousand Trails preserve near Memphis.  As it turned out it was pretty far from Memphis.  It was ok, but if we are not in the area we probably will not be staying there very often.  We like Natchez Trace Thousand Trails Preserve better and it is closer to home. 

We arrived back in Nashville around 4:30 p.m.  After getting the camper put in the driveway, we began the unpacking process.  Wow, that was something.  With it all done, we are now trying to get things put away here in the house. 


I began the day with coffee with Priscilla.  It has been a long time since I saw her so it was great seeing her again.  The rest of the day, we either spent finishing the camper unpacking or running errands. 

Tomorrow is another day!!

Have a great day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today was an especially sad day for us.  Tomorrow we head back east after being here in Sun City for 2 months.  Since our site had a lot of sun we had the screen house up for some shade.  We took it down yesterday to get a jump on putting things away today.  Plus today was suppose to be rather windy and perhaps a little rainy.  With that done, it made things today a little easier to get the rest put away today.  Since Sun City is dusty, everything we put away, had to be cleaned off prior to being put up. 

We took a break at lunch for go meet Rick and Sharon at Barro's pizza for lunch.  It was a good opportunity to see them one more time before we leave tomorrow.  The pizza was good and the conversation was even better.  We will really miss seeing them.  But we look forward to seeing them again when we come back.  Until then!

Tonight the bikes are loaded on the back, the grill is put away, the plant (which I bought) is in the truck.  I have taken care of everything on the inside.  I even cleaned the camper today.  All I have to do in the morning is finish a few things prior to hooking up. 

Speaking of things being cleaned, Harris also cleaned the outside of the truck. 

So tomorrow morning we will get up bright and early to get ready to leave.  After breakfast we will get things ready and hook up the camper to the truck.   Our plan is to head over to church and park the camper in the church parking lot prior to worship.  In fact if we can we will get there soon enough to sing in the choir. 

Once church is over we will begin our long journey back to Nashville. 

Have a wonderful Day!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Karma and Gary
This morning our next door neighbors Karma and Gary, were getting ready to leave.  Then were heading back to  Alberta, Canada. We  have really enjoyed them being our neighbors.  So until next year!! 

It was time now to head out to run our errands.  First off was Weight Watcher for my monthly weigh in.  After that it was breakfast at Paradise Bakery.  Then on to Kohls and Cost Cutters for a hair cut for me.  Before going home, we had to go to the post office, and SAMS. 

With the errands done, we headed home to get some things done around here toward moving out on Sunday.  As we sat on our patio enjoying a break, our neighbor, Kathy, asked if we wanted some lettuce.  Which, of course, we accepted.  I went across the street to see her and pick up the lettuce and check out her garden.  Wow what a garden she has in the back of her park model.  Most of it is in containers.  She really has a "green" thumb. 

Dinner tonight was around the pool, for "Berger bash". 

Tomorrow will be another busy day!

Have a wonderful Day!

Paradise RV Resort

Just another day in Paradise!!  I had a meeting in the morning, while Harris did some planning toward our trip home.  Once I got back, we ate lunch and then headed for the laundry room.  I wanted to get all the laundry done prior to our heading back east. 

While the laundry washed, we were going to go for a walk, but instead we headed back to the camper as Rick and Sharon were coming by the camper to pick up some things we had for them.  After they left, we headed back to put the laundry in the dryer.  Then off we went on a bike ride.  

With the laundry finished we headed back to the camper.  It was break time, so we enjoyed time sitting on our patio enjoying the cooling breeze and warmth of the sun. 

Then it was off to our last  "Thursday night at Faith" dinners.  We always enjoy going to dinner at church.  Last night our program was suppose to be a person who was bringing some reptiles.  But when we got there we found out she was sick and not coming.  So Dale, our choir director, and Ellen our pastor's wife and Parish nurse, lead us in some fun songs.  We always enjoy the catered meal.  The meal was fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, and broccoli salad.  Dessert was apple pie (which I didn't eat). 

Have a wonderful Day!

Fountains at the front of the park

Polly's pond near the rec center

flowers near the pool


Today it turned cool.  We have been having weather up in the 90's, but today it was in the 70's.  Well that was in Sun City.  Since this was the day, we planned to go to Sedona with Chelle and Jacob, the weather up there was even cooler  The Highs were only suppose to be up in the 60's. 

Chelle and Jacob arrived here at the camper around 9:00 a.m.  We left here with our picnic lunch and lots of anticipation of what we would see.  Then 2 hrs later we arrived in the Sedona area.  Our first stop was Montezuma's Castle.  It isn't really a castle, but a stone dwelling in the side of a cliff.  There are pictures below. 

Then to Montezuma's Well.  The temperatures, were in the 60's and the wind made it feel even colder.  But we decided to brave it and have our picnic outside anyway.  Boy was it COLD.  If the wind didn't blow it wasn't bad.  Or if the sun would have continued to shine, it would have been even better.  After lunch we headed on to Sedona proper.  Our first stop was the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is high above the city.  What a neat Chapel.  (pictures below). 

Then onto to the town area, were we parked and walked around.  One of the things we found that in many of the shops they had the same things.  So the shops began to look all alike.   We decided to eat Mexican.  Then it was time to head back to Phoenix area. 

We had a wonderful day in spite of the wind, cold and some rain. 

Montezuma's Castle

Sedona Red Rocks

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Inside the Chapel (Harris on the right)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our last bike ride here at Paradise for this season.  Since most people in our bike group have gone home, including our leader, we were a smaller group heading out of Monday.  One of our other members lead us on 12 mile ride with a stop at Burger King for brunch.  When we got back to the park we completed our ride up to 15 miles. 


Tuesday morning Harris took the truck to get the tires rotated in preparation for heading back east on Saturday. 

When he got home we had lunch and then headed to Wickenberg to check out what was there.  It is a cute little town about 30 miles from here.  We visited several of the stores and took a walking tour.  The town had many status that when you pressed a button they told the history of the town.  It was really neat. 

Then back to the camper for dinner. 

Sign at Wickenburg

Another Statue

Harris and his new friend

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Christ is Risen!!!  Christ is Risen indeed! 

Easter is always a joyous time.  This morning was no different.  We arrived at church at 8:00 to begin our choir practice.  Prior to this morning we were asked to wear our Easter bonnet to service this morning.  I don't have a bonnet, but thankfully Ellen brought extras as did one of the other choir members.  Our choir director is a good sport and let us wear them to service with our choir robes.  There were a good number of us wearing them. 

This morning's service had special meaning as it was our first time to celebrate with the Faith  Presbyterian community.  The choir was full today.  I don't think anyone was missing.  I counted 31. It was a joyous day for choir and congregation. 

After church we headed to fellowship hall for our usual Coffee hour at Faith.  We had a special treat, someone made scones. 

By the time we got out of church it was lunch time.  Harris suggested we go to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  To our surprise it was not all that crowded.  We had not visited Cracker Barrel since we arrived here in City.  So it was a good time to do it.  

Rick, Sharon, and Jacob will be here for dinner tonight.  Rick and Sharon are making  barbecue pulled pork, I have Potato salad, and coleslaw.  I will also add some stir fried veggies.  Chelle is working, so she will not be able to join us.  

All in all is has been a WONDERFUL Day!!

Happy Easter!!
Look we are in the choir

The choir on break
Pastor Dave
Dale, our choir director
Prayer garden at Faith Presbyterian Church
Ellen and Jan in our Easter Bonnets


Not much happening around here on Saturday until Chelle came over for lunch and to spend the rest of the day with us.  It is always good to spend time with Chelle.  After lunch Chelle and I headed out to Goodwill to see what they might have on their half price day.  We found a few things, but didn't buy them out.  I was really surprised it was not really crowded.  It might have been early in the day. 

For dinner Chelle wanted tacos.  She and I made Tacos, while Harris did some things outside.  After dinner she headed home, as she had to be at work today at 8:00 a.m. 

It is so good to be around both Chelle and Jacob.  We have really enjoyed spending time with them.  I will miss them when we head back east.

Have a wonderful day
Friday:  " Good Friday"

With Good Friday services being held at Faith Presbyterian Church, our choir was scheduled to sing for the service.  We had to be at church at 11:00 a.m. for practice.  The service began at 12:00, again with the three churches participating.  Once again it set the tone for the day.  After services were finished we were also to leave in silence. 

Friday afternoon, we prepared for Dave and Ellen to come over to the camper for dinner.  Dave is the Pastor of Faith and Ellen, his wife, is our parish nurse.  Harris fixed barbecue pork back ribs on the grill. We added the coleslaw he made the day before and the  made potato salad I made that afternoon.  We topped it off with a homemade lemon pie.  It was really great to have them over to our place so we could be better acquainted.  We look forward to many more occasions to be together when we return next year.  In the meantime we will keep in touch. 


Today was laundry day!!!  It is always nice to get the laundry all done at one time.  The laundry room here at Paradise is really nicc, so I really don't mind.  Since so many people have gone home, the laundry was really quiet.  While the laundry is washing we head out to begin our walk.  In 25 minutes we return to put the laundry in the dryer.  Once again we head out to finish our walk, this time for 45 minutes.  That way we feel like we are getting two things done at once.  With the laundry done we headed back to the camper for lunch. 

After lunch we got our on bikes for our daily bike ride around the park.  The rest of the day we just caught up on some needed tasks around here. 

Thursday night we went to Church of the Palms UCC church for the Maundy Thursday service.  Church of the Palms, First Presbyterian Church of Sun City and Faith Presbyterian Church join together for special worship services.  Ash Wednesday services were held at First Presbyterian Church and Good Friday will be held at Faith. 

The service was one of Tennebre with varying degrees of darkness after each lesson was read.  By the end of the service the sanctuary was in darkness.  At the end of the service we were asked to leave quietly.  It is amazing how so many people can leave a service without talking. 

Thus began our journey through Holy week.

Have a wonderful day

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This morning after breakfast, Harris loaded our bikes on the back of the truck for our trip to McDowell Regional Park, where our friends Ann and Gary are camping.  Ann and Gary invited us out to visit them at McDowell Regional park, campground where they moved to from here last Thursday.  I made homemade chicken salad for lunch.  Ann and Gary told us about the wonderful bike trails at the park.  So we were up for the challenge.    It took us about an hour to get out there.  Once the bikes were unloaded we headed out on the trail.  WOW what a ride.  The trail is unimproved with lots of hills, curves, etc.  We road for about an hour and then headed back to their camper for lunch.  After lunch we headed out again to finish our ride.  Earlier Harris and Gary took our truck to the overflow parking so we would have a ride back to camper (instead of riding up hill all the way).

When we got back to the camper, we just chilled!!  Around 5:00 p.m. we headed back into town.  On the way back we stopped Applebees for dinner.  Harris had a hamburger and I had a wrap.  It was really good.  By the time we got back to the camper, we were both pooped.  The bikes are still on the truck and will get unloaded tomorrow. 

All in all we had a wonderful day!!

We hope you have a wonderful day.

Gary taking a break
Harris inspecting an old water tank we found on the trail

Ann taking a break

Tuesday:   Day trip to Lake Pleasant Regional Park.   We wanted to go check our what the Lake Pleasant Regional Park looked like.  So we headed out after lunch.  We found Lake Pleasant.  It is really strange to see a lake in this area since it is so dry.  The creeks do not have even a trickle of water.   After touring a private campground, we headed to the Regional Park campground to check it out. 

After checking the campground out we headed for the marina where we found Dillon's Scorpion restaurant.  We both decided on a catfish sandwich, cole slaw and a beer.  It made it even better since we ate on the deck looking out at the lake.  Of course there were several ducks thinking we should share our dinner with them.  Many did, but we just enjoyed ours. 

Then it was back to the camper!

Have a wonderful day.

Who me?

The satisfied look

Waiting for a morsel??

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2

Today was our last organized bike hike.  It was a cool and windy morning.  As we left the park the wind was at our backs, so it seemed we just flew to brunch.  Coming back, we were heading right into the wind. In fact it made it very hard to ride forward.   Our numbers were down today since many of our group have already left for home.  There were only 13 of us today instead of 29 or so.   Today we rode 14 miles.  

After our ride we headed out to mail our Easter cards and get milk.  It seems like we are milking the cow often. 

Tonight after dinner, I got a chance to do some face time with Rob, Laurie and Katie on my Ipad.  I love face time.  It is a Great way to watch your youngest grandchild get bigger.  Katie will be 5 months old soon.  She could not figure out what was going on with  the Grandma on the computer screen.  I am hoping to get to see her often through face time.  Tha way when we see her this summer she will not feel like we are strangers. 

Pond at Paradise

Lawn bowling at Paradise

Flowers around the pool at Paradise

Have a great day!! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday April 1

Wow,  it seems like I have not written on the blog for over a week.  No excuses for my  not writing.  Time just seems to fly by. 
I think the last time I wrote was after we went to the Good Sam RV Rally. 

Saturday:  March 24:  Today was the Arts and Craft fair at Paradise RV Resort.  This is the day when all the shops and crafters display and sell their projects they have been working on.  Besides selling their projects, there are also door prizes, food, and plenty of fun seeing friends along the way. I especially like this day because I like to find Christmas presents among the crafters.   Several of the crafters give away a door prize.  We both signed up for several of the door prizes.  Much to our surprise when we got home from running some errands to find a beautiful pendent made in the stained glass shop. 

Sunday, March 25:  We went to church as usual and then out to lunch with Ann and Gary.  We decided it would be our last time to go out to lunch together this season.  After lunch we headed back to the RV park to change our clothes and get ready to go to a bell concert at the Lutheran Church near by.  The concert was outstanding.  Our bell director was playing in the concert and several members of our church were there to support her. 

Monday, March 26: We were off again on our usual Monday morning bike ride with the bike group.  We rode about 15 miles and had a wonderful brunch.  It was a bitter sweet ride as several of our members were heading home at different times this past week.  Monday afternoon we headed to the pool area with Ann and Gary for the Annual going away party hosted by the resort.  The "Blue Notes" were providing the music while the park provided barbeque, baked beans, and coleslaw.   The food was music was really good as was the food.  The people at our table offered us some beer, which we gratfully accepted. 

Tuesday, March 27  Harris worked on getting our tax information ready to send to our Tax person in Nashville while I went to lunch with Chelle and Jacob.  Prior to lunch, I went shopping.  I usually try to get out of Harris hair when he is working on the Taxes.  Chelle, Jacob and I went to the Elephant Bar for lunch.  It was a really good lunch. 

Wednesday, March 28  Once again, we were up and ready to head out for another bike ride with the bike group.  This one was our LONG ride.  We rode to the Glendale airport for brunch and back to the park.  All in all we rode 25 miles.  It is the first time we have ridden that far.  We were tired, but it felt good to know we rode 25 miles.  Of course my bottom side told me about later in the day. 

Thursday,29: It was laundry day.  Before heading up to the laundry mat, we stopped to see Ann and Gary as they were moving to McDow Regional Park for a week or so before heading back to Idaho.  We will head over there to see them on Wednesday or Thursday of this week to ride bikes 
and spend the day with them.  Then it will be another year before we see them back here. 

While the laundry was being washed and dryed, we took our walk around the park.  Then in the afternoon we went for a bike ride around the park. 

Friday:  March 30:  Errend day!!! 

Saturday,March 31:    We finished our erands in the morningbefore Rick and Sharon picked us up around 12:30 for lunch at Culvers and some antiquing at the Brass Armadillo.  We had a good day, but didn't buy anything.

Sunday, April 1:  Today was a very busy day.  We were up and at church at 8:00 a..m. as usual for choir practice.  It was a very special day for me,as today was the day I joined Faith Presbyterian Church as an Afiliate member.  At 8:45 my sponsors, Ann and Gary Kennaly, and myself went to get our pictures made.  Then back to choir practice for a little more  practice.  Then at 9:20 we went to meet with the Sesson.  Back to the choir room to get ready for the service.  After services, was a reception for all the new membes.  Faith Presbyterian has a great way to celebrate new members.  At coffee hour, each new member sits  at a table maked with their name.  Members of the congregation move from table to table to meet the new members.  It was really great meeting so many people. today.  After church we headed to the Royal Cafe to meet with the small group from church we have been meeting for lunch once a month.

We have two more weeks left here in Sun City. 

Another week finished: 

Pool at Paradise RV Resort
Ann and Gary Kennaly