Sunday, January 29, 2012


This morning we headed off to First Presbyterian Church in Wildwood.  We attended First Pres Wildwood last year when we were here.  When we arrived we headed to the same pew we sat in last year and found the same people we met last year.  This little church had a really great choir. 

After church we headed for lunch at I-Hop.  Then back home.   Harris worked some more on cleaning the camper with his waterless wash.  The camper is really looking great.  I on the other hand went back to my computer to work somemore on getting ready for Consortium.    We also spent some time talking to the next door neghbors who own the other DRV Mobil Suites. 

We both finally took a break to take a bike ride around the campground.  It sure felt good to get away from the computer for a little while.  Then back home for dinner. 

Today was Miyabi's 8th birthday and yesterday was Elizabeth's 9th birthday.  Our little girls are growing up. 

Enough for tonight. 


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Visit to Daytona Beach

 It has been a few days since I posted on our blog.  On Thursday, we headed to Daytona Beach to visit our friends Millie and Jake at their condo on the beach.  Millie and Jake invited us to spend the night with them since we had a 2 hr drive to Daytona Beach.  We gladly said yes.  The weather was great.  When we arrived Millie and Jake were waiting for us outside their condo.  We then went to their place on the 7th floor.  WOW what a view!!  All their windows face the ocean.  They gave us a tour of their beautiful place and showed us our room.  WOW the window in our bedroom also looked out at the Ocean.  After lunch the 4 of us took a long walk on the beach (about 3 miles). 

Jake had promised me the best margarita in the world.  He was not wrong.   After dinner we just kept talking until bed time.  We woke up on Friday to clowdy weather.  Our hopes of a beautiful sunrise were not to be on Friday.  By the time we headed back to Wildwood, the mist began. We had a wonderful visit and wre very sad to leave Jake and Millie. 
Millie, Jake, Jan & Harris

We were surprised when we got back to our campsite to see another DRV parked right next to ours.  We met Lonnie and Ann from Mississippi.  They are full timers in their 2011 DRV Mobile Suites.  It is always fun meeting another DRV owner. 

More tomorrow

Greeting from Three Flaggs RV resort, Wildwood, FL.  We arrived here around 1'00.  We were pleased to get a campsite 3 down from where we were last year.  Several of the sites here are pull throughs with the street beind your camper.  Our site is backed up to the woods.  Our view out the back window is the woods.  The weather here has been great.    After we set up we had lunch and then took a 2 miles walk around the campsite.  They are pretty full here in the campground. 


Monday, January 23, 2012

Wow what a week end! 

Saturday we headed to North Ft. Myers (about 25 miles) to visit with my cousin, Lorraine and her husband John.  Lorraine fixed Crab salad for lunch.  We really enjoyed catching up with them.  Saturday was their monthly dinner gathering of their culdesac There group was meeting at Panera, which is a favorite of ours.  We enjoyed meeting their neighbors and especially catching up with their youngest daughter Linda. 

Lorraine and John Mall

After dinner, we headed back to the camper.  That is when our fun experiences began.  After getting fuel, we ran over a glass bottle in the driveway.  Since we have road service, we thought it would be a piece of cake.  Not really, the road service sent out someone who did not have a jack heavy enough to life our 3500 Heavy Duty Truck.  It took them about 4 hrs before they decided to send a tow truck to take us back to the campground.  We finally got home at 1:00 a.m.  The next morning the road service sent someone out here with a jack to change the tire.   Today, Harris took the truck to a tire shop to get a new tire.  So we are now ready to travel. 

Tomorrow is a travel day.  We head north  about 5 hrs. to Three Flaggs RV Park, at Wildwood, FL, where we will spend the next 10 days there.  Last year we spent 2 weeks at Three Flaggs. 

All in all our visit here in the Ft. Myers area has been wonderful.  I have sure enjoyed catching up with my cousins. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning it is here in Ft. Myers, FL.  The weather is GREAT, the sun is shinning, and it is suppose to be up to 80 today.  We are loving it. 

Yesterday we headed south to Naples to Shirley and Don's house for lunch.  Their house is really beautiful.  We had lunch pool side.  After many hours of catching up we headed out to visit my hairdresser and his family who are spending the winter down in Naples.  They bought a beautiful condo with views of the golf course.  They treated us to dinner at the country club.  It was fun to see them here instead of Nashville.  We could have spent more time with both families, but it was time to start the hour drive back to our camper. 

Today we plan to head to North Ft. Myers to visit with my other cousin, Lorraine and her husband, John.  I am looking forward to catching up with them.  I believe it has been 10 yrs since we have seen each other.  I'll post pictures of our day either tonight or tomorrow. 

Harris and I are continuing to enjoy our time here in Fr. Myers.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This morning we woke up to a beautiful day.  After a long walk, we got ourselves ready for the day.  At breakfast, we decided to go to Ft. Myers beach and enjoy the beach for a few hours.  So I packed a lunch and we headed out.  The island was pretty crowded, but we were able to find a parking place and make our way to the beach.  It felt great to sit on the beautiful white sand and look out onto the blue water.  The beach was not a crowded as I thought it would be.   After lunch we walk around the shops before heading back to the camper. 

My cousins Shirley and her husband, Don, who live in Naples, came over to the  camper to visit before we headd out for dinner.  They took us to a place on the water called "Bonita Bills" It was full of locals.  Harris and I both had a fish sandwich, we ate outside at a hightop table looking out onto the water, watcing the very big boats come in and out.    We talked and talked even long after we finished our meal.

Have a wonderful Day!

Shirley & Don
Harris checking his camera

Jan & Shirley

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Greetings from Ft. Myers Beach, FL.  We arrived around lunch time and got the camper set up.  I am very proud of Harris for getting this camper into our site.  This campground is very nice, but getting into the site we were assigned was very difficult.  There is a tree on one side and a light post on another.  Thank goodness there were two people from the campground to help get him in.  I just went across the street and talked to a man who was walking his dog. 

After lunch we headed out to see our area.  We found an outlet mall for our exercise.  We didn't find to much to buy, except for a cup of coffee.  It was fun anyway. 

Dinner was at a place called "Pinchers Crab Shack".  It must be a popular place to eat as before we left it was packed. 

The weather here is wonderful.  It was in the upper 70's,   We finally get a chance to wear our shorts. 

Until tomorrow


Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving day tomorrow. 

This morning we headed out to do the laundry before we move tomorrow.  Now we have clean clothes for another week.  After lunch we got some needed work done around here.  Harris re-strung another blind.  I think that makes 8.  It won't be long and they will all be done.  I had work to do for both of my jobs.  So I spent the afternoon on my computer.  Then a quick trip to the walmart to pick up a few things.  Then home for brats, mac and cheese, and coleslaw.

Before dark, Harris got the stuff from outside put away and ready to move tomorrow.  Now there will not be that much to do tomorrow before we leave.  

Tomorrow we head to Ft. Myers Beach RV resort, in Ft. Myers, FL.  We'll only be there a week, but it will be a busy one.  I have two cousins, whom I have not seen is many years that live nearby.  We are planning to get together with them while we are in the area.  It will be fun to catch up with them.    

Have a Wonderful Day

What we see on our walks
No alligators

Our campsite

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This morning started with saying goodbye to our neighbors, Linda and Howard, who's two weeks were up.  We were sad to see them go, but so glad we met them.  We sure  hope our paths will cross again sometime.

 We then  headed to church at Peace Presbyterian at Lakewood Ranch, FL, near Bradenton, about 45 minutes from our campground, where we were meeting our Jim and Sheryl.   Peace is a New Church Development with a very friendly congregation and a great minister. 

After church we went to lunch with Jim and Sheryl at Bob Evans before heading back to their camper for an afternoon of catching up.   Time really flys when you are having fun, we didn't get back to our camper until dark. 

What a wonderful day!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Greetings from Peace River Thousand Trails RV Park in Wauchula, FL.  We have been here nearly two weeks, enjoying mostly warmer weather.  However, this morning we woke up to cooler temps. 
The highlight of our time here has been visiting Bok Tower Gardens, in Lake Wales, FL.  Because it was the 100th Annivarsary of the Bok Tower they had a special performance of a guest carillonneur.  We enjoyed his performance. 

Friends from Ohio encounter a challenge last week, when Jim was diagnosed with a MRSA infection and had to be hospitalized.  We helped his wife Sheryl move their Fifth Wheel from a State Park to and Encore Park in Bradenton, FL.  Jim is out of the hospital, but needs to have daily IV antibotics.  Just a little blip in their plans.

Today is a quiet at the camper.  We don't have any great plans.  Last night we had a wonderful Mexican dinner with our neighbors, Howard and Linda from PA. 
We move to Fort Myers Beach RV Park next Tuesday.

Bok Tower