Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Katie and Grandma
Grandpa and Grandma's big day with Katie:  We were up early again and heading to Rob and Laurie's house by 6:30 so they could head to work.  It was our time to spend the day with Katie.  In the morning we took a walk around the sub division and Katie took a nap in the stroller.  We spent the rest of the time playing and hanging out.  Katie is trying to get several teeth and was a bit fussy from time to time.  She took a really good nap with Grandpa.  After her nap she was happy and ready to play.  In between playing, etc, I did our laundry finished. 

We headed back to the camper for dinner giving Rob and Laurie some time alone without us.  We have been here a week now.  We don't want to wear out our welcome.  

Harris grilled some  Salmon on the grill.  The weather was really nice after the rains, so it was really nice to eat outside. 

One more day in Denver.  Then we head home.  We will go to Rob and Laurie's for dinner and see Katie one more time on Tuesday night.

Have a great day!

Grandpa and Katie

Which toy are they going to play with next

Look out side Grandma

Rob and Katie watching the butterflies

Catching up:

We have been really busy and I have not had a chance to write on the blog.  I decided it was time to catch up on what has been going on in our busy world. 

Friday:  Harris and I arrived at Rob and Laurie's early to spend the day with Rob and Katie.  First off was breakfast at Panera's.  After breakfast we headed to Rob's office so Rob's boss could see Katie.  Of course there were lots of other folks around Boston Market corporate offices that were happy to see Katie too.  She was the hit of the day. 

After our visit to the office we headed for lunch at a Boston Market, before going to the Butterfly sanctuary.  Katie was very interested in the butterflies.  Rob took her out of her stroller so she could see them better.  She is such a good girl.  After checking out all the butterflies, we headed back to Rob and Laurie's house to wait for Laurie to come home.  We had dinner with them before coming back to the camper. 

Saturday morning:

Once again we were up early.  Laurie and I went to Weight Watchers for our monthly weigh ins.  Then home to get the rest of the family to head out for the day.  We drove about an hour to Idaho Springs, CO.  It is a cute little town.  After riding in the car an hour Katie was very tired of her car seat and began to get fussy.  A change of scenery helped.  Our first stop was pizza at a place Rob and Laurie like to go for pizza.  We began our meal with a wonderful salad from the salad bar.  When the pizza came I understood why they really like it.  After lunch we walked around the town checking out some of the really cute stores. 

The ride back down Katie slept, which was great.  We once again had dinner with Rob and Laurie


Once again we were up early and heading to Rob and Laurie's for breakfast.  They were making waffles and turkey bacon.  What a great breakfast.  We had decided that Sunday would be a kind of down day since we had gone a lot the past couple of days.  Laurie and I went to a Norwex party in the afternoon and did a little shopping on the way home.  The boys and Katie napped, and played. 

After dinner we all headed to Yogurtland for a treat.  YUM!!

Have a great day!

Katie's first taste of ice cream
It's cold daddy

Katie and Mommy

Pooped out from all the fun

Friday, July 27, 2012

Thursday night:

TV has her attention

Dinner at Rob and Laurie's.  We headed over to the kids with dinner already done.  The pot roast was in the crockpot smelling yummy.  The fresh green beans and new potatoes were done and ready to be eaten.  When Rob got back from his run, and had cooled down we had dinner.  Katie has not been feeling to good.  She seems to be getting a cold.  She is really stuffy and has a little bit of a cough.  She is still happy and plays in between being fussy.  

After dinner Laurie and I headed to SAMS to buys diapers, etc.  When we got back Katie was asleep until she had a coughing spell which woke her up.  Laurie gave her a bottle and she went right back to sleep. 

We headed home! 

Have a great day

Busy little girl

What's this

"Hi" Grandma

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cherry Creek Lake with Denver in the background
Thursday during the day:

Wow last night when we got home from Rob and Laurie's it was actually pretty cool out so off went the air conditionar and open went the windows.  This morning it was a little warmer than yesterday morning, but it was still pretty nice.  Our walk this morning was still great.  Once again after our walk we sat outside and enjoyed our morning coffee.  It has been so hot this summer, we have not had a chance to do that very often.  We also enjoyed our breakfast outside.  Since we are providing dinner tonight for Rob and Lauire, I decided I best get the roast in the crockpot so it would get done by dinner time.  Harris helped me fix the veggies.  I will put the new potatoes and fresh green beans on  about an hour before we leave for the kids house. 

Once again we caught up on some work on our computers.  I am finally caught up with my APIMS work and checks are ready to be sent to the treasurer.  So I feel good about that. 

After lunch we took a bike ride on the bike path down by Cherry Creek Lake.  I put my camera in my basket so I could take some pictures.  It was a beautiful day with lots of people on the beach and out on the water.  We sat on a picnic table watching a guy who was trying to get his wind surfing kit up in the air.  We tired of watching him before he got it up.  There was a nice breeze, but it was not blowing all the time.  After watching him we headed back down the bike path to another area where we could sit and watch the water.  I took lots of pictures. 

We will head over to Rob and Laurie's house in a couple of hours. 


Wind Surfer

View from the picnic table where we were sitting


Taking a break to enjoy the view


Flirting with Grandpa

We woke up to a beautiful day!  The temps were in the 60's so we decided to get up and take a walk around the campground.  It is amazing how full this campground stays.  Most campgrounds are pretty empty during the week, but this one is not.  Oh there are a few sites open, but not to many. 

After our walk we came back to the camper and sat outside with our coffee enjoying the morning.  It was a really lazy time.  Since it was getting late (9:00 a.m.), we decided we better get breakfast before getting ready for the day. 

Since both of us needed hair cuts, we decided to head out to find a super cuts.  I am always a little leary each time we find a new place, but I go on anyway.  We both got pretty good hair cuts this time.  I really think I will like mine a lot.  After our hair cuts we headed off to Walmart to get some much needed things. 

We got back to the camper just in time for lunch.  We spent our afternoon catching up on some much needed computer work. 

We headed over to Rob and Laurie's for dinner and to enjoy some more time with Katie.  Katie is not feeling up to par so she is crabby one minute and happy the next.  She still is not sure about us, but will play with us and grin at us.  I have not tried to hold her, since she is not feeling to good.  Laurie says when she does not feel good she only wants her parents.  That is really understandable. 

Laurie gave her a bath, which Grandma enjoyed watching.  She is quite a little ham when you point the camera her way.  Of course I took lots and lots of pictures. 

Tomorrow is another day!


Bath Time

Playing with Daddy

Daddy I want that plant

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday, July 24
Hi Grandma

Greetings from Denver!!!  We arrived at Cherry Creek State Park Campground today around 2:00 p.m. Mountain Time.   Since our reservation here was not until tomorrow, we were lucky to get into our site today. 

After dinner we headed over to Rob and Laurie's to spend some time with them and Katie.  Katie started out being a little shy, but it didn't take her long to begin warming up to us.  It was so much fun to watch her play with her toys. 

Where's Riley?  I Got his ball

The funniest part of the evening was when Riley, the black lab, was playing with his ball (which he loves).  Katie was watching intently as Riley let the ball fall out of his mouth and would roll it toward her.  I think he wanted her to play with him.  She watched for awhile and then she went over to the ball.  Rob and Laurie were trying to keep her from touching the ball, but she was determined.  Besides Riley kept pushing it to her.  She watch him with the ball in his mouth.  It wasn't long until she was putting her mouth on the ball.  Rob and Laurie kept wiping her hands when she touched the slobbery ball.  But when she put her mouth on it, Rob wiped it out.  It was funny to watch her.

Here I come
Tomorrow is another day.

July 16-23, 2012

Last week we spent the week camping at Prairie Flower Campground in Altoona, IA.  What a great week visiting with family in the area.  Mike and Barb were camping across the street from us.   The week was HOT.  In fact we had several days over  100. 

I always love getting together with my cousins and their families.  

Mike Brandt (Jan's cousin)
Tiger (Vicki's Cat)

Jan's Cousins Mike and Vicki

We left Des Monies yesterday heading for Denver. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Greetings from South Bend, IN

Wednesday, July 4th. 

It was a full day at the Convention Center.  The exhibit hall opened at 9:00 and closed at 7:30. When the exhibit hall closed, we packed everything up and left it in our booth until Thursday.  We could not move out until the next day because of the holiday.  The dock area was closed for the day.  We decided not to stay in downtown Pittsburgh to watch the fireworks.  We were very tired, so we headed back to the camper. Since it was after 8:00 p.m. and we had not had dinner yet, we decided to pick up a pizza and salad to take it back to the camper.  We didn't miss fireworks though, we saw them outside the camper. 


Luckily the night was a lot cooler and we slept very well.  It didn't hurt we were very tired.  In fact we only had one night that we didn't sleep very well.  Thank goodness each night cooled down.  We decided to sleep in a little longer before heading back down to the Convention Center to pick up our display.  Once we had that loaded into the truck, we headed for the post office to mail the display and our supply box home to Priscilla and Jim, who will take them to our house.  Then back to the church to finish getting the camper ready to hook up.  After saying goodbye to Tom and Audrey, (the interim pastor and his wife), we hooked up and headed out, about 11:00 a.m.

Since we didn't get a very early start we stopped at a campground in New London, OH.  We were both still really tired, so we  were in bed early. 


We slept in a little again this morning as we knew we were only going as far as Potato Creek State Park, near South Bend, IN.  This is one of our favorite campgrounds.  We used to camp here many times when we lived in South Bend.  In fact we have camped her several times since we left.   When we arrived at Potato Creek it was over 100 inside and out.  After setting up we, turned on the AC and headed to South Bend to get some ice cream, hoping it would be a lot cooler when we got back.  It was cooler, but not as much as we would like it to have been.  However, it was down to 89 inside and 100 outside.  In fact it was still over 100 at 7:00 p.m. 

I look forward to a cool down!!

We leave here tomorrow:

Have a wonderful day

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pittsburgh from the Convention Center


One more day for the Exhibit Hall to be open at General Assembly. The Interim/Transitional Ministry booth has been very busy since the Exhibit Hall opened last Friday. Our days begin usually around 9:00 and we end leave the Exhibit hall by 7:30.  It gets to be a really LONG day. 

Today we had the interim/transitional ministry luncheon at the Westin Hotel.  We had 61 people in attendance.  The committee ordered a wrap buffet, with 3 kinds of salads, fruit, and dessert.  The food was really good. 

Tonight we headed out to dinner at the Church brew works, a restaurant that was formerly a church.  We had eaten there before, but Bob and Judy had not.  The meal was really good.  Both Harris and I had buffalo burgers.  Since the burgers were large, we took half of each of them home.  Dinner on Thursday night.

Tomorrow will be a long day.  We need to be at the convention center and have the booth opened and ready to go by 9:00 a.m.  We will not be out of there until  7:30 p.m.  It gets pretty boring when the commissioners go to dinner.  We will not be able to get anything to eat until after we get home. 

Until tomorrow.

Booth from above

APIMS/Consortium booth

Harris and Wayne Yost