Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This morning we left Sun City and headed to Coolidge, AZ to meet Tom Green for lunch.   Since Tom lives in Tucson this was about half way between Sun City and Tucson.  We ate lunch at Tag's restaurant where Harris and I each  had a Ruben.  Tom got Mexican.  After lunch we headed for Casa Grande National Monument.  Casa Grande Ruins National Monument preserves the remains of an ancient Hohokam farming village as well as the enigmatic Great House.   As we exited the move it was time for the guided tour to begin.  Our docent was very knowledge and made the experience well worth while.  I am so glad we did not decide to take a self guided tour instead of joining the tour group.   We learned a lot about the people who probably lived in this village and many other things of interest.   Once we finished our tour it was time to head back to the track.   Tom was heading back to Tucson for a Soccer game and we were heading back to Sun City  On our way back we stopped by  Culver's for a quick bite.  Then back to Sun City.   We decided to stop at Fry's (Kroger) to pick up a few things. 

Big House
Have a wonderful day! 

Tom and Harris

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life continues in Sun City  

We had a good weekend. 

Saturday was a great day.  I finally figured out how to use face time on my IPad2.  I called Rob to walk me through it.  While we were on the phone I saw him calling me on my IPad2.  I was so excited to get a chance to see Katie.  She is growing so fast.  With my IPad2, we will get a chance to watch her grow.  After talking to Rob, I called Vicki to see if she had her IPad2 face time figured out.  It was not long until we were having a conversation face to face.  WOW!!  I was thinking this is really neat.  Later Saturday afternoon we had a conversation with Dave, JoRae, Callan, Gavin, and Quentin.  Now I want to catch up with Lizzy and Richard to enjoy some time with them.  Feeling some excitement and accomplishment, it was time to get ready for dinner with Ann and Gary.  We made hamburgers, potato salad, salad and Ann brought a fresh Lemon pie.  (Fresh lemons are plentiful around here).  We continue to enjoy spending time with them. 

Sunday:  It was up and at church by 8:00 a.m. for choir practice.  We are both enjoying singing in the choir.  After church we headed out for lunch with  Ann, Gary, Rory, Jan, Mary, and Don.  Rory and Jan were heading back to Minnesota on Thursday. 

Monday:  Once again we were up at the front to meet the bike riders for our every Monday bike ride.   Brunch was at a place called "Bobbies".  Then back to Paradise.  When we got back we found out we rode 14 miles.  The afternoon was spent working for APIMS. 

Tuesday:  We went to a Thai restaurant to meet Pastor Dave and his wife Ellen.  We had a wonderful lunch with them.  Sometimes I forget how much I miss talking to other pastors and their wives.  We found out we know a lot of the same people. 

Last night a cold front came through so it has been pretty cool outside today.  We also got a little sprinkle.  All that did was make the windshield look spotted with dust.  It is suppose to be back up near 80 again by the end of the week. 

Have a wonderful Day!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Harris enjoying the Arizona Rick the balloon guy

A busy day with lots to do, but nothing very special.  Early morning it was up to the laundry to get our weekly wash done.  While the washing was being done we took a walk around the park.  What a great way to get two things done at the same time.  With the washing done it was time for lunch.  It is so nice to be able to have lunch on our patio in front of the camper.  In the afternoon Harris ran some errands, while I worked at home and got ready for a conference call later in the afernoon. 

Thursday night we  pick up Ann and Gary and headed to Faith Presbyterian for dinner.  Twice a month the Faith family meets for dinner and a program.  Last Night the Program was "Arizona Rick" the cowboy Balloon Artist and story-teller.  The food was great and the program was too.  It is really amazing watching  the adults as Rick made many balloon things.  I forgot my camera, but Harris had his phone so here are  the pictures I took with his phone. 

This little boy was a helper
What is that thing on your head?

Monday, February 20, 2012

We are back!!  It seems like a few days  since I wrote on the blog. 

We are getting into the grove here at Paradise RV Resort.  Our mornings still begin with our brisk walk around the park.  I found out the other day if we walk the perimeter of the park 2 times we will have walked 3 miles.  So far we are only walking once around.  We will work up to the 2 times.  We were up to twice around the park last year before we left here.  So I am sure we will get there again this year. 

Friday night we took Jacob to dinner.  It was so good to see him.  We had a wonderful time catching up with him. 

Saturday we did a bunch of things around the camper that we had not done since we set up.  We put up our screen house, not because of the bugs, but for the sun.  We don't have a lot of shade here.  Right now we don't really need it because it is really nice to sit in the sun.  But I am sure by the April we will want some shade. 

Sunday, we headed to Faith Presbyterian Church at 8:00 a.m. to practice with the choir.  Yep for the first time in several years we're going to sing in the choir.  Harris was not able to sing yesterday as it was "Celebrate Women" Sunday at church.  So we had a women's choir.  I am singing in the Alto section.  Wow do I have great Alto's behind me.  I don't have to worry about missing the notes because I don't hear them.  Harris will sing Bass.  We practiced a lot of music for the Lenten season.  I am glad we are singing during Lent.  After church we went to lunch with a group of 10 people (counting us).  They just started small group meals of 8 or 10.  Our friends here at the park Ann and Gary invited us to join their group.  The group concured yesterday that we are now a part of their group.  It will be fun to meet several more people from the church. 

This morning we skiped our walked.  We headed for the front gate and met the bike riding group for the every Monday bike ride.  We rode out to have brunch at Coco's restaurant then back to the park.  All in all we rode almost 13 miles.  We ride through neighborhoods, two by two so you get to talk to someone while you are riding.  When we take a "bun" break the people on the right move up one person so you are talking to someone new each time.  What fun.  I was not sure if we could do it or not, but both us were just fine when we made it back to the park.  I was not sure if I would sit down for awhile, but had no problem at all.  We are already looking forward to next Monday.  Our friends Ann and Gary usually ride too, but Ann had to take Daisy the Clown to a parade this morning. 

Speaking of Daisy, she stopped by when she got home.  She is a really cute clown.  I am now wishing I would have taken a picture of her to post.  Darn!!  Next time, we see her we'll  take the picture. 
Harris getting ready for a bike ride
Have a wonderful Day

Our Campsite

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We started this morning at 7:00 a.m. with a brisk walk around the RV resort.  We did that every day last year.  It was fun to see what had changed and what might hadn't.  After our walk and breakfast we headed to the laundry room to do two weeks worth of laundry.  By the time we finished with the laundry it was time for lunch.  The sun was out and warm, so lunch was outside.  After lunch we did some arranging of our clothes.  All the winter things are packed in the "basement" and the cooler clothes are in our closets.  By that time it was time to take our bike ride.  Our ride took us past Ann and Gary's camper where we stopped to catch up with them.  We had lots to catch up with since we have not seen each other in a year.  

Back at the camper we fixed dinner and caught up on some computer work. 

Tomorrow is another day. 

Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greetings from Sun City

We arrived here at Paradise RV Resort around 11:30.   This year we are in a different site.  So far we think we will really like this site better than the one last year.  It looks like our site is a lot bigger than the one last year.  We have already met the neighbors on the left side of us and the one across the street.  As we were eating lunch Gary (the friends we met last year), came over to see if we were here.  They are on 14th Street and we are on 16th.  The funny part is we can look through the other RVs and can see their campsite. 

Since we have been on the road for several days, we needed lots of grocery's.  So it was off to FRY's (some of you may know it as Kroger) to buy food.  Oh darn now I guess I have to cook. 

After dinner Rick  came over to spend some time with us.  We missed Sharon as she had to work.  Chelle was bombed as she too had to work.  We also didn't get to see Jacob, but we know we have 2 months to spend with all of them. 

Tomorrow will be laundry.  It has been two weeks since we did laundry, so there is a bunch. 

Have a wonderful day


Monday, February 13, 2012


Greetings from New Mexico.  Wow it has been a long time since I posted on the blog.

 Last week were were at Montreat Conference Center for the Annual Interim Ministry Consortium meeting.  Since I am the Coordinator, I had lots to do.  There were long days and short nights.  So no time to write on the Blog.  It is always good to see friends whom we only see once a year. 

We left Montreat on Thursday around noon and headed back to Peach Tree City, GA to pick up the camper at Paul's house.  On Friday we left to head south and then west.  Our first night out was was spent in at a campground in Long Beach, Mississippi.  We left there heading to Houston, TX where we spent the night at a Walmart near Humble, TX where our friends Ann and Bill live.  Ann and Bill picked us up at the Walmart and took us to their house before going to dinner at Papas Restaurant.  Then back to their house for coffee.  The weather turned cold and it was really cold that night.  We woke up to 28 degrees.  We were excited to find a Panera just tow blocks away for breakfast.  And the really great part was there was a Target  behind Panera with a really big parking lot.   That was the beginning of a really LONG day.   Our destination last night was Ft. Stockton, TX about 500 + miles away.  What a day we had.  When we left the hill country in Texas we hit rain, snow, sleet, and ice.  Luckily the roads were not that bad.   It was also very cold with a wind chill that made me think we were in the NORTH. 

Toady we are in Deming, New Mexico.  We arrived here around 5:00 p.m. The campsite here is really nice and I am glad we stopped.  Tomorrow we will be in Tucson. 

More tomorrow. 
Rain and Snow taken from the Truck Window

The Road from our Truck

Snow on the ground in Texas

Swan on Lake Susan at Montreat

Montreat looking from the Inn

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday:  This morning after breakfast, Harris and I went to pick up the rental car.  Then to the grocery store to pick up the snacks I didn't buy at the SAMS.  I also needed to make copies and get the notebooks ready.   When we got back to Paul and Keiko's house, Keiko had lunch ready.  It is really nice to walk into the house and find lunch on the table.  Keiko is a wonderful hostess.  After lunch, I went to work putting all the papers together in each folder.  With that all done, it was time for dinner. 

Paul & Miyabi

Keiko made a wonderful seafood medley over pasta for dinner tonight.  Harris liked it so well, I will try to make it sometime.  Of course she does not have a recipe.  After dinner  Paul & Miyabi got all dressed up for the annual Father & Daughter dance held here in Peach Tree City.  This is the second year they have gone to the dance.  I took some pictures and will post them. 

Tomorrow morning  we will leave Paul's house for Montreat.  It is suppose to be a 4 hr drive but will probably take us 5 hrs.  (we stop a lot). 

I also downloaded pictures I took while we were at Wildwood and Lake Summit.  So I thought I would post them tonight.

R.J. Gators were we enjoyed sea food

Lonnie and Ann

Shipwreck at Lake Summit

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday News

Wow it has been a long time since I wrote on the blog.  This week nothing really exciting has happened.

Monday:   We spent the day around the campground, trying to get some things done.  Harris had another blind to string.  I think he has strung them all except for 2.  I worked on getting things ready for the Consortium meeting Feb 6-9 at Montreat. 

Tuesday:  We headed to Lake Summit, which is part of the Villages for breakfast at Panera.  After a leisurely breakfast we walked around the area and visited several of the shops.  By the time we finished our walk it was time for lunch.  Knowing we would be leaving Florida in a few days, we decided to enjoy some more fresh seafood  The food at CJ Gators was great.  We had a table with a view of the lake which made it even better.  This place was hopping. It  was a very popular place given the number of people eating there.  After lunch we had to go to the grocery store.  I sure am glad we were full. 

Once we returned to the campground, we spent some time talking to our neighbors Ann and Lonnie as they were going to leave the next day.  It was so wonderful having them camping next to us.  I loved coming down the street to see two DRV campers side by side.   I am so glad we had a chance to meet them and get to know them. 

Wednesday:  Another day around the camper. There was still lots of things for me to do to  get ready for the Consortium meeting next week at Montreat.  There is always a lot to do prior to one of these meetings.  We also got things ready around to camper to leave on Thursday. 

Thursday:   It was a travel day.  So we were up and ready to leave  Wildwood campground around 8:30 a.m.  It seemed sad to leave Florida since we had been there since January 3.  Our trip too us to   Twin Oaks Campground south of Macon, GA.  We stayed at Twin Oaks on our way down to Florida.  It seem fitting we stay there on our way back up north. 

Friday:  This morning we got up and got things ready for the camper to stay at Paul's house in Peach Tree City, GA while we head to Montreat NC next week.  Once we had everything ready we headed to Paul's.  The camper is now parked in front of Paul's and we are staying inside.  It will seem funny not to sleep in the camper tonight. 

I may not be able to blog everyday next week as I will be in meetings most of the time.  But I will try to catch up when I am able.