Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wow, I can't believe I have not written on the blog for such a long time.  I will try to catch up with the highlights. 

We arrived in Des Moines, IA on May 7 and checked into Prairie Flower Corp of Engineers Camp ground.  On Thursday, May 9, Vicki, Gayle and I headed to Peoria, IL for our annual Cousin weekend.  Harris stayed at the campground with the camper. 

On Thursday afternoon, my cousin Mike and his wife Barb arrived at the campground to camp across the street from us. 

Saturday, Vicki, Gayle and myself arrived back here in time to meet Mike, Barb, and Harris at our favorite pizza place in Polk City, IA. 

Mothers Day!

We spent the day at Vicki and Gary's house with the rest of the family. It was sort of a family reunion. Gayle, and her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, plus Mike and Barb at their son, and daughter, and two of her kids. It is always fun catching up with the family.

Monday, May 13 Harris and I got on an airplane going to Wilmington, NC for our annual Consultants meeting.  Our hotel was right on the water.  I took several pictures from our hotel room on the 8th floor. 

Across the bay from our Hotel

We returned from Wilingtom on Thursday late evening.  We spent Friday catching up with things around the camper. 

May 21st.  This would have been my mothers 92 birthday.  It seems like every year on her birthday, I think about her.  Sometimes, I think about her even before I look at the date. 

Tuesday, was moving day for us we had to leave Prairie Flower as our 2 weeks were.  So we made the move to Cherry Glen Corp of Engineers.

Campsite at Bob Shetler
The move to Cherry Glen was quick and easy.  We found a great campsite that we enjoyed for the 4 days we were there.  It seemed like every day we had rain.  Since we couldn't get a reservation for Memorial day weekend, we needed to move again.  It was off to Bob Shetler Corp of Engineers park, It rained all weekend.  The weather was cool and raining.  We spent a good deal of time at Vicki and Gary's house.  Because of the rain, they didn't go down to where they have their camper parked. 

On the 27th it was back to Cherry Glen site #48, which is the same site we left on Saturday. 

Iowa Capital Building in Des Moines

Harris in Des Moines

Spillway at Saylorville Dam

Bob Shetler Campsite from above on the dam

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