Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 19, 2013

Wow, once again I have not been good about blogging.  Lots has been going on, but I have not gotten a chance to write it all down. 

The week of 2 through 6 I spent the week at Interim Ministry Network Conference at the Sheridan Hotel in Indianapolis, IN.   I spent the week helping as the Hospitality Chair person for the conference.  I did lots of running.  Every night I was pooped when I got back to the camper.  Harris and the camper were parked in the southern part of Indianapolis.  The campground was a fish camp, but nice. 

June 6-15 - DRV Annual Rally

Thursday Harris picked me up at the hotel around 10:30 a.m.  We went back to the camper and hooked up and left for Goshen, IN. and our Annual DRV Rally.  (our brand of camper).  This is our 3rd Rally. 

Friday, June 7 - Washing!!!  We found a laundry mat and got our clothes clean.  We also began connecting with friends we met at the Rally last year.  Margie, and Paul, Marge and Bill, Bill and Jody, and Terry and Mary.  Terry and Mary had their 4 yr old granddaughter with them. 

We also met a new couple who were camping near us, Tom and Cindy. 

Our Camper next to AG and Mary Ann's
Saturday, - June 8.  Dinner at an Amish home.  There were 100 of us who enjoyed a Amish dinner, served by the Amish family who lived there. 

Sunday - June 9  - Church at Sunnyside Presbyterian Church.  Harris and I both worked at Sunnside about 15 yrs ago.  What fun to see people we have not seen in many years.  It was good being back there. 

After church we met my good friend Kathy for lunch at Panera.  It was really fun catching up with her and hearing about her family. 

Back at the campground it was time to go up to the BIG pot luck, with all our friends.  Jody and Bill's daughter and her husband brought their granddaughter to the campground so she could spend the week with Jody and Bill. 

All the DRV's
Monday - June 10 the actual Rally began.  That was the beginning of our really fun week. There were 137, Select Suites, Mobile Suites, and Elite Suites.  It was a really BIG Rally.  Since the factor is in Howe, IN (not that far from Goshen), the factor treated to many surprises.  There were many meals, served, and lots of extras.  On Friday we took a tour of the factory and they fed us lunch.  As you might guess, we ate way to much.  We also  enjoyed a lot of time with our friends, and got to know Tom and Cindy better.

Saturday - June 15 - Time to leave the Rally.  Our last goodbye was at a breakfast of wonderful donuts and coffee. 

We headed as far as Cedar Springs, MI, where we spent the night.  I had laundry to do, so I spent the afternoon doing laundry.  Shortly after we arrived at the campground, another DRV pulled in.  When we talked to them, we found out they too had been at the Rally.  We both recognized each other. 

Sunday- June 16,  We were up and ready to go shortly after breakfast.  Our destination was Otsego State Park near Gaylord, MI, were we were meeting Dave and Elaine to camp for the rest of the week.  Dave and Elaine arrived shortly before we did. 

Elaine fixed Chicken Chili and salad for dinner.  What a treat. 

Monday - June 17 We headed into Gaylord, MI to check out the town.  One of the really neat things we found was the Elk sanctuary.  The first stop by to see them, we found them resting in the tall grass.  So onto the grocery store.  Before we headed back to the camper we stopped by the Elk Sanctuary again, this time we found them feeding nearer the fence.  We got lots of really good pictures.  Since we had lunch out we decided to eat cheese and crackers fir dinner. 

Tuesday - June 18 - We headed back to Gaylord to run some errands and then head to Houghton Lake to Camping World.  Then back to the campground where we spent the afternoon chilling.  We fixed Brats, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and asparagus.  Elaine had made brownies for dessert. 

Wednesday, June 19  We had decided we wanted to spend the day at the campground just reading and enjoying the day here.  Since it was a quiet day, we got the bikes outs and took a ride, over to the store across the street to have an ice cream cone.  Elaine and Dave made dinner (Salmon, baked sweet potato's, and salad). 

Thursday - June 20  Elaine was one sick puppy.  She spent the day in bed.  Harris and I got our ironing done.  I got the barbecue roast beef ready to go into the crockpot for dinner.  After I cleaned up the mess, I made salsa.  Once again I cleaned up the mess.  This afternoon, I made a Rhubarb pie.  Our day was spent reading, and relaxing outside.  Tonight for dinner, we had barbeque beef, sweet potato fries, and broccoli.  Elaine had soup.  Harris, Dave and I had rhubarb pie. 

Until tomorrow!
Otsego State Park beach


Elaine and Dave  watching the Elk

Beach  at Otsego State Park

Elk feeding


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