Sunday, January 29, 2012


This morning we headed off to First Presbyterian Church in Wildwood.  We attended First Pres Wildwood last year when we were here.  When we arrived we headed to the same pew we sat in last year and found the same people we met last year.  This little church had a really great choir. 

After church we headed for lunch at I-Hop.  Then back home.   Harris worked some more on cleaning the camper with his waterless wash.  The camper is really looking great.  I on the other hand went back to my computer to work somemore on getting ready for Consortium.    We also spent some time talking to the next door neghbors who own the other DRV Mobil Suites. 

We both finally took a break to take a bike ride around the campground.  It sure felt good to get away from the computer for a little while.  Then back home for dinner. 

Today was Miyabi's 8th birthday and yesterday was Elizabeth's 9th birthday.  Our little girls are growing up. 

Enough for tonight. 


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