Monday, March 12, 2012


Gosh were did the weekend go!!  Since today is Monday, I need to try to remember what we did. 

Friday:  We did our wash since we were busy on Thursday morning.  It seems once we get it done, we have dirty clothes again.    Friday evening we were just sitting here thinking about what we might have to dinner, when our next door neighbors invited us over for happy hour.  When we got home, we decided we didn't need dinner. 

Saturday:  Was "Shoppers Paradise" up at the ballroom.  Several vendors and people who had crafts to sell were set up for people to come and shop.  It was a good place to see friends and find some good buys.  

Sunday:  Was choir and church.  After church, the lunch group we meet with at church headed out to lunch at Lakeside restaurant at a nearby golf course.  

Jacob came over the spend the afternoon with us.  Jake and I took a bike ride around the park and I showed him around our complex.  Later Jake and Harris took a ride over to see one of the park models that had an open house.  We have learned a lot about park models.  This park is about half park models and half RV's.  Harris fixed hamburgers and turkey burgers for dinner.  He had already made coleslaw.  I made potato salad.  (both are Jacobs favorites). 


Our day began with our weekly bike ride..  Today we rode 8 miles to the "Royal Cafe" for brunch.  Then we rode back, a total of over 15 miles today.  It seems to get easier and easier each week.  

Today was a beautiful day, so we headed to the pool this afternoon for a dip.   The water was wonderful.  It felt really good to be in the pool.  This is the first time this year we have gone to the pool. 

This evening we attended a block party right behind us.  There were 32 people there.  We met a really a new couple who live just down the street.  They are from Minnesota.  We had a really good time.  When the gathering was done, we headed out to meet Rick and Sharon at AJO AL's Mexican restaurant. 

Tomorrow is another day in Paradise

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