Saturday, March 3, 2012


Well I guess I need to catch up on what has been happening here at Paradise.  I beleive the last time I posted anything was on Wednesday.    So here goes!

Thursday:  Thursday morning has become  wash day.  It was up to the laundry mat around 9:00 a.m.  Once we got the wash in the machine we headed out to take a walk for the 25 minutes it takes to wash the clothes.  Then back to put the clothes in the dryer.  The dryers here take 48 minutes, so it was back to the streets to finish our walk.  The neatest thing about our washing machines are they do not take quarters.  Instead, we use a card, like a credit card.  We add money to the card through a machine.  When we put the card into the machine it tells us how much we still have on the card.  COOL!

After lunch we headed to Chelle's to see her new apartment. It is a one bedroom apartment that just fits her.  She has it decorated so cute.   I just love it!   We had a very good visit with her in her very comfortable apartment.  

Harris cooked steaks on the grill, while I made sweat potatoes and stir fred veggies for dinner. (YUM)

Firday :  We woke up to a lot of wind and really cool weather.  Because it was pretty windy we decided not to walk until later, I didn't want to be blown down.  I decided it would be a good work day.  I had lots to do for APIMS.   Later in the afternoon we did get our walk in. 

Friday evening we walked over to Ann and Gary's to walk up to the Ballroom to hear the "Encores" a brass band that play Big Band music.  What a GREAT band.  All the members are senior Citizens (some more than others).  They are really great.  We enjoyed the people we sat with.  Ann, Gary, and us sat at a 8 person table.  Soon two other couples joined us.  We had not met them, but Ann and Gary had.  Our next door neighbors were sitting lone, so I invited them to join us.  In fact they knew everyone but Ann and Gary.  The evening was really good.

Saturday  This morning we did get up and go for a walk.  Shortly after breakfast, we hopped on our bikes and rode the 3 miles to Orangewood RV Happy Camper Days Sale and Chili Cook off.  They also had free hambergers and hot dogs.  All their campers were open for examination.  Then we rode the 3 miles back home.  This afternoon we had to run errands.  Tonight we will just chill at home. 

Have a wonderful day!!

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