Friday, July 6, 2012

Greetings from South Bend, IN

Wednesday, July 4th. 

It was a full day at the Convention Center.  The exhibit hall opened at 9:00 and closed at 7:30. When the exhibit hall closed, we packed everything up and left it in our booth until Thursday.  We could not move out until the next day because of the holiday.  The dock area was closed for the day.  We decided not to stay in downtown Pittsburgh to watch the fireworks.  We were very tired, so we headed back to the camper. Since it was after 8:00 p.m. and we had not had dinner yet, we decided to pick up a pizza and salad to take it back to the camper.  We didn't miss fireworks though, we saw them outside the camper. 


Luckily the night was a lot cooler and we slept very well.  It didn't hurt we were very tired.  In fact we only had one night that we didn't sleep very well.  Thank goodness each night cooled down.  We decided to sleep in a little longer before heading back down to the Convention Center to pick up our display.  Once we had that loaded into the truck, we headed for the post office to mail the display and our supply box home to Priscilla and Jim, who will take them to our house.  Then back to the church to finish getting the camper ready to hook up.  After saying goodbye to Tom and Audrey, (the interim pastor and his wife), we hooked up and headed out, about 11:00 a.m.

Since we didn't get a very early start we stopped at a campground in New London, OH.  We were both still really tired, so we  were in bed early. 


We slept in a little again this morning as we knew we were only going as far as Potato Creek State Park, near South Bend, IN.  This is one of our favorite campgrounds.  We used to camp here many times when we lived in South Bend.  In fact we have camped her several times since we left.   When we arrived at Potato Creek it was over 100 inside and out.  After setting up we, turned on the AC and headed to South Bend to get some ice cream, hoping it would be a lot cooler when we got back.  It was cooler, but not as much as we would like it to have been.  However, it was down to 89 inside and 100 outside.  In fact it was still over 100 at 7:00 p.m. 

I look forward to a cool down!!

We leave here tomorrow:

Have a wonderful day

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