Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rob and Katie watching the butterflies

Catching up:

We have been really busy and I have not had a chance to write on the blog.  I decided it was time to catch up on what has been going on in our busy world. 

Friday:  Harris and I arrived at Rob and Laurie's early to spend the day with Rob and Katie.  First off was breakfast at Panera's.  After breakfast we headed to Rob's office so Rob's boss could see Katie.  Of course there were lots of other folks around Boston Market corporate offices that were happy to see Katie too.  She was the hit of the day. 

After our visit to the office we headed for lunch at a Boston Market, before going to the Butterfly sanctuary.  Katie was very interested in the butterflies.  Rob took her out of her stroller so she could see them better.  She is such a good girl.  After checking out all the butterflies, we headed back to Rob and Laurie's house to wait for Laurie to come home.  We had dinner with them before coming back to the camper. 

Saturday morning:

Once again we were up early.  Laurie and I went to Weight Watchers for our monthly weigh ins.  Then home to get the rest of the family to head out for the day.  We drove about an hour to Idaho Springs, CO.  It is a cute little town.  After riding in the car an hour Katie was very tired of her car seat and began to get fussy.  A change of scenery helped.  Our first stop was pizza at a place Rob and Laurie like to go for pizza.  We began our meal with a wonderful salad from the salad bar.  When the pizza came I understood why they really like it.  After lunch we walked around the town checking out some of the really cute stores. 

The ride back down Katie slept, which was great.  We once again had dinner with Rob and Laurie


Once again we were up early and heading to Rob and Laurie's for breakfast.  They were making waffles and turkey bacon.  What a great breakfast.  We had decided that Sunday would be a kind of down day since we had gone a lot the past couple of days.  Laurie and I went to a Norwex party in the afternoon and did a little shopping on the way home.  The boys and Katie napped, and played. 

After dinner we all headed to Yogurtland for a treat.  YUM!!

Have a great day!

Katie's first taste of ice cream
It's cold daddy

Katie and Mommy

Pooped out from all the fun

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