Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cherry Creek Lake with Denver in the background
Thursday during the day:

Wow last night when we got home from Rob and Laurie's it was actually pretty cool out so off went the air conditionar and open went the windows.  This morning it was a little warmer than yesterday morning, but it was still pretty nice.  Our walk this morning was still great.  Once again after our walk we sat outside and enjoyed our morning coffee.  It has been so hot this summer, we have not had a chance to do that very often.  We also enjoyed our breakfast outside.  Since we are providing dinner tonight for Rob and Lauire, I decided I best get the roast in the crockpot so it would get done by dinner time.  Harris helped me fix the veggies.  I will put the new potatoes and fresh green beans on  about an hour before we leave for the kids house. 

Once again we caught up on some work on our computers.  I am finally caught up with my APIMS work and checks are ready to be sent to the treasurer.  So I feel good about that. 

After lunch we took a bike ride on the bike path down by Cherry Creek Lake.  I put my camera in my basket so I could take some pictures.  It was a beautiful day with lots of people on the beach and out on the water.  We sat on a picnic table watching a guy who was trying to get his wind surfing kit up in the air.  We tired of watching him before he got it up.  There was a nice breeze, but it was not blowing all the time.  After watching him we headed back down the bike path to another area where we could sit and watch the water.  I took lots of pictures. 

We will head over to Rob and Laurie's house in a couple of hours. 


Wind Surfer

View from the picnic table where we were sitting


Taking a break to enjoy the view

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