Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Church at St Paul Presbyterian Church in Aurora, where we have worshiped several times before.  We really enjoy the preaching of the their interim Pastor Lynn.  After church we headed for Rob and Laurie's to change our clothes and be ready for the day.  When we arrived at their house they had decided to go to Garbanzo's for lunch.  It was a really neat Mediterranean restaurant, where we had great pita sandwiches.  After lunch we went back to the house to get ready to take Katie on a walk to the park and playground in their sub division. Katie was in awe of all the things at the park. Rob and Laurie put her in the baby swings, but she didn't like it.  Just about the time we were ready to go home, another family brought their little girl (about 1 yr old) to play.  They put her in the baby swing, where she preceded to laugh and enjoy herself.  Katie stopped in her tracks and watched the little girl swing.  Soon she walked over to the empty swing and patted the seat.  Rob put her in the swing, and Laurie began to swing her.  She began to laugh and enjoy it.  I think she just wanted to watch to see how it worked.  Once she had it figured out, she was ready to try it. 

Back home at Rob and Laurie's we hung out for awhile before having dinner.  After dinner, we headed back to the camper. 


Grandpa (papa) and Katie at breakfast
Up and at Rob and Laurie's house at 6:30 so we could stay with Katie while Rob and Laurie were at work.  We had a wonderful day with her.  She didn't seem to mind when her folks left for work.  Laurie said she didn't want to get up that morning, which meant she was tired.  That proved to right as she was ready for a nap by 9:00.  She crawled in Grandpa's lap and was ready to go to sleep.  I asked he if she wanted me to take her up to bed, and she said no.  Then I asked if she wanted grandpa to up to bed,  she shook her head yes.  So Harris took her up stairs. She slept about an hour.  Once up she had a snack and we went outside to play.  We were outside until lunch time.  Then we went to the park to play there for awhile.  She fell asleep on the way back home from the park.  Once home, Harris took her up to bed for another nap.  She slept an hour and half this time.  When she woke up she was not quite ready to get up, so she sat on my lap snuggling for awhile.  I loved that!!!  She was then ready for a snack.  After her snack we were back outside until Laurie came home from work. 

Katie at the park
With two naps, she was one happy little girl when her folks got home. 

Since Laurie had to go to cake decorating class and I had been there all day, I planned to cook dinner that night for Rob, Harris and myself.  I found this recipe for Taco pie that I wanted to try.  It was a hit. worth the three of us.  It is a keeper as far as I am concerned.  After dinner, we headed back to the camper to get some things done prior to leaving the next day. 

We had not planned to leave until Wednesday, but Denver weather was forecasting snow for Tuesday afternoon into evening.  Since we were heading east and north, we wanted to try to beat the storm. 


Last night we got lots done toward leaving.  Our plan was to get up early, be a Weight Watchers at 9:00 for me to do my monthly weigh.  Then to Panera for a bagel and coffee.  After breakfast, we headed to get a hair cut, fuel for the truck and to "King Souper" for a few groceries.  Once we had all that we headed back to the camper to get ready to head out.  We were on the road by 12:30. 

The weather was just fine as we headed north and east.  We arrived in Ogallala, NE around 5:00 p.m.  After getting set up we headed to  the Front Street Saloon for dinner.  I had one of the best steak dinners I have had in a very long time.  I also had a wonderful baked sweet potato, and salad.  Harris also had the steak special, with mixed veggies, and pub chips.  All in all it was a wonderful meal. 


Whoops SNOW!!  We got up this morning to 2-3 inches of snow on the grass this morning here in Ogallala, NE.   It was decision time.  Do we stay here another day or leave for Kearney?  As we watched the snow coming down and blowing, we decided it wold be best to just stay where were are.  It was warm here in the camper.  So with the decision made,  Harris fixed bacon, eggs and English muffin for our breakfast.  The rest of the day, I stayed inside watching it snow.  It was nice to just have a day to check out of things.  I caught up on some needed work on the computer. 

The snow finally stopped around 5:00 p.m.  It looks like we have close to 4-5 inches of snow on the grass.  It is not sticking on the street.  We decided it must have been bad on the roads as we had two campers come in around noon.  Usually campers do not check into a campground until dinner time. 

We are hoping to be able to leave tomorrow. 

Katie at the Park
Grandma and Katie on the slide
Katie and Grandpa  Cookies and milk
Snow at the campground

Katie at the Park


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