Saturday, May 4, 2013


We got up to the sun shinning and the snow melting.  Yea we were going to leave Ogallala.  Harris had to go up on the roof and sweep off about 5 inches of snow of each of the slides before we could pull them in.  But it wasn't long until we were on the way.  Our destination as Kearney, NE for the night. We arrived at Ft. Kearney, State Recreation Area around 3:30.  Our plan had been to go see the  Pioneer museum in Minden, but since we go there so late, we decide to hold that off until another trip. 


On the road again!!!  Our destination this time was Two Rivers State Recreation Area near Omaha.  We arrived here around 3:00 p.m.  I called my longest high school friend, Shirleen, as soon as we got in.  We made plans for to meet for dinner.  We met Shirleen and Chuck  at the Texas Road House.  Then we went to their house to do some catching up. 

Then back to the camper for the night.  Our camper is parked about 20 minutes from their house. 


Yuck, rain this morning.  Well at least it isn't snow.  For that I am grateful.   After breakfast we headed to the post office to mail some things and then to the Walmart store.  We invited Shirleen and Chuck to our camper for lunch.  They arrived around 11:15.  We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up.  They left around 3:30

At 5:00 we headed out to EL Bees restaurant to meet my Cousin Shirley and her husband Don, plus their daughter Janice and her husband Henry, who live in Fremont, NE.  Don and Shirley are up here from Florida where they live visiting Janice and Henry.  The food was great and the conversation was even better.  I am sure the server was glad when we left, so she could turn the table over. 

We are enjoying a wonderful visit here. 

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