Sunday, May 5, 2013


Last night Harris checked the Internet to see which Presbyterian Church was closest to us for worship this morning.  We chose "Peace Presbyterian Church in Elkhorn (outskirts of Omaha), which is about 20 minutes from the camper.  We were impressed with the church from the first minute we walked in the sanctuary..  The first person to greet us was the Pastor Dwight Williams.  He was very friendly and welcoming.  The next things we noticed was the screen up front.  This was the best blended (contemporary and Traditional) worship service I have been be in.  Dwight's sermon was a mix of 21st century and post modern.  After worship, he came up to again to talk again.  It was a good chance to get to know him better.  He old us about the history of the church.  It gave me a chance to tell him what a great worship service they have at Peace.  We also met his wife. 
Central High School

After church we went to Ihop for lunch before heading downtown to check out how things had changed around my high school.  It has been 20 yrs since we were in Omaha for any time, so when we went to see Central High School, at 20th and Dodge in Omaha, it still looks the same.  But the area around it has changed some.  Central was the Capitol building when Omaha was the Capitol of Nebraska.  This building has not changed in all the years since I graduated in 1962.  The inside has been renovated a couple of times.  I wish we could have gone inside, but it is Sunday, so not go. 

After driving by the school we headed back down Dodge to go by the house I lived in when I was in the 7th and 8th grades.  Then back to the camper.  I

By the time we got back here it was already time for dinner.  Thank goodness we had left overs from the other night. 

We have one more day here in Omaha before heading to Des Monies. 

Have a wonderful day

Back of Central High School

Omaha Downtown Street

Building in Omaha

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