Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm Back!!

Once again, I have been remiss in writing on the blog.  Life has been really fun and busy since the last time I wrote on the blog. 

Our camping trip with Dave and Elaine was over way to soon.  We had a really great time.  It would have been even better if Elaine had not gotten sick. 

We left Otsego State Park on Sunday June 23 heading to Dave and Elaine's house in Alpena.  We  put the camper in front of their barn

Our camper parked at Dave and Elaine's


We were not home very long before Dave got the same illness Elaine had.   Harris and I were  hoping we were not next.  Monday morning Dave felt much better and even had a little to eat. 

By Tuesday Dave was feeling so much better, we decided to go to Mackinaw Island for the day.  We took the Star Ferry over.  Since there are no cars allowed on the Island we decided to take a carriage ride around the Island.  We have been on the Island many times before, but have not had a the opportunity to take the carriage ride.  The ride was fabulous. 

Dave and Elaine's house
Wednesday was a Strawberry social at their church.  So after dinner we headed to their church to enjoy dessert. 

Parking at Gaye & Cork's House

We left Alpena on Friday morning heading to Traverse City, MI to spend the weekend with Gaye and Cork (Cordell), friends from Sun City, AZ.  We were able to back our camper into their driveway.

On Saturday they took us out on their boat to have lunch at the Dock Side Café.  We ate on the dock where we could see the water and the boat.   The day was cloudy, but it didn't rain.  When we returned to their dock, we sat enjoying the water.  They introduced us to several of their friends.

On Sunday we went to Church with them at their Presbyterian Church.  After Church and lunch we headed south toward Indiana and the DRV factory.  We needed to be at the factory first thing on Monday morning for them to replace the other closet door, so it matched the one they replaced while we were at the Rally. 

When we arrived at the factory, where they have 4 hook ups and got set up.  We were in bed early as we knew we needed to be up early.  The factory workers begin work at 6:00 and end at 2:30.  So anyone staying in the parking lot needs to be up with their campers ready for the workers by 6:00 a.m.  We were up at 5:00 and ready by the time they were ready for us.  There were 2 other campers who were also getting work done.  

JT came with our closet door, but soon found it was the wrong one.  So he needed to order another one.  He made an appointment for us for July 16.  So we will return to the factory.


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