Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 17

Travel day!!  We left Diamond River Campground this morning, continuing our journey south.  We arrived at Cedar Creek Corp of Engineers Park campground around 11:30 a.m.  We got into our campsite which over looks Old Hickory lake. 

Our campsite

It is really a nice place.  We just got all backed in and beginning to set up, when a neighbor came over to talk to us.  They too have a DRV.  Since we had a conference call at 1:00 Central time, we decided to continue our conversation later. 

After getting set up and having lunch, we were ready for our conference call.  After call, we finished getting the things we had not done prior to the call finished.  Then off to go talk to Christ and Jim, the couple with the DRV.  We spent the rest of the afternoon talking to them, comparing notes on our units.  They have a 2005 Mobile Suites and ours is a 2010. 
The view from our front door

By the time I looked at my watch it was already time for dinner.  Back to the camper for dinner.  Thank goodness for leftovers from the freezer for dinner.  Great Italian beef, potato salad, and Cole Slaw. 

After dinner we took a walk around the campground.  Then back to sit and watch the sun go down over the lake. 

Sun Set over Old Hickory Lake

Until tomorrow

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