Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This morning we left Sun City and headed to Coolidge, AZ to meet Tom Green for lunch.   Since Tom lives in Tucson this was about half way between Sun City and Tucson.  We ate lunch at Tag's restaurant where Harris and I each  had a Ruben.  Tom got Mexican.  After lunch we headed for Casa Grande National Monument.  Casa Grande Ruins National Monument preserves the remains of an ancient Hohokam farming village as well as the enigmatic Great House.   As we exited the move it was time for the guided tour to begin.  Our docent was very knowledge and made the experience well worth while.  I am so glad we did not decide to take a self guided tour instead of joining the tour group.   We learned a lot about the people who probably lived in this village and many other things of interest.   Once we finished our tour it was time to head back to the track.   Tom was heading back to Tucson for a Soccer game and we were heading back to Sun City  On our way back we stopped by  Culver's for a quick bite.  Then back to Sun City.   We decided to stop at Fry's (Kroger) to pick up a few things. 

Big House
Have a wonderful day! 

Tom and Harris

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