Thursday, June 28, 2012


Our first night in the church parking lot, was uneventful.  It is very quiet around here.  This morning, I needed to finish my displays for the Booth at General Assembly.  Tom and Frank, the custodian, had  told us to use the church if we needed to.  I happy to find they had a room with a very large table so I could put the displays on it and work on them.  It sure was better than trying to work on them in the camper.  With the displays finally done, we headed back to the camper for lunch. 

Tom picked us up at 1:00 to go to the convention center to get our booth set up.  With the booth all set up, Harris, Tom and I headed back to the church around 3:30 p.m. 

Tom told us Pittsburgh only gets about 10 days of weather over 90's.  Well this week it is suppose to be over 90 each day.  Thank goodness we will spend our days at the Convention Center during the day when the temps are way up there.  It will be freezing at the Convention Center.  So I will go from really cold to really warm when we get home.  Thank goodness the nights get down in the 60's.  So sleeping should be ok. 

Since it was way to hot to cook tonight, we headed out to find someplace to eat.  We found a very good  place called Rice's Roadhouse.  It seems to be a neighborhood place.  Their special tonight was Mai Mai, which is my favorite.  Harris had Flounder.  It was a wonderful meal.   

When we got back to the camper it was still in the 90's.  We took a walk around the church and I took some pictures.  Since it was still pretty warm in the camper, we sat in our chairs outside reading for awhile.  When it got to dark, we headed inside.  

Camper parked at the church

It is finally cooling down in the camper.  I think we will be able to sleep OK. 

Tomorrow is another day!

Prayer Garden at Glenshaw Presbyterian Church

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