Thursday, June 28, 2012

View from the back of the camper at Pendergrass Campground

Moving day!!  It was time to leave Pendergrass Campground in Chautauqua, NY. to head to Glenshaw Presbyterian Church where we would spend the next week while we were go into Pittsburgh convention center.   This will be the first time we have stayed in a church parking lot. 

The church is letting us stay here free while they provide us with electricity and water.  There isn't a campground close to Pittsburgh, so the church has been very gracious to us by letting us stay here. 

 The Interim Pastor, Tom Clifton, is a member of the APIMS Council.  Tom and his wife Audrey invited us to dinner.  We enjoyed our time in their home. and dinner was delicious.   When we got home a member of the church came by to welcome us. 

Tomorrow is another day!!

Glenshaw Presbyterian Church

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