Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

This was a BIG day in the life of Faith Presbyterian Church.  We have been celebrating our 40th anniversary all month, but on Sunday, we had several of the former associate pastors return for the service.  The worship service was wonderful.  After church, there was a luncheon at one of the country clubs in Sun City.  There were 150 people in attendance.  We got there fairly early so we could save seats for Bob and Joy Schulz (the Presbytery Moderator) had his wife.  We met Bob and Joy when our friend Bob Field was here.  Bob and Joy are really good friends of Bob and Debbie Field.  We too enjoy being with Bob and Joy and now count them as friends of ours.  I was really pleased with our lunch.  The service was the best we have ever had.  Both Harris and I had the beef option, with baked potato, and green beans, and homemade cherry pie for dessert. 

After the luncheon, Bob and Joy came home with us to see the camper.  They were planning to come over to see the camper when Bob was here, but Harris got sick and they could not come.  They were really impressed with the camper. 

After they left, Janice and David came down so we could catch up with each other.   When they left, we went out to check out the full moon. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bike riding day!!  Last week we had 43 riders and this week it was even larger.  When our leader did a final count there were 52 of us this week.  Wow what a string of riders.  We looked like a long train riding through neighborhoods.   When we stopped at a traffic light it sometimes took two lights to get us all through.  We rode to the Royal Cafe for brunch.  Royal has a very large  room that was just right for this large group.  However they only assigned us one server, so it took a very long time to get all the food delivered.  When we returned to Paradise, we had ridden 14 miles and it took us 4 hrs.  We spent an hour and half at the Royal Cafe.  It took us an hour longer than usual. 

Monday afternoon, we caught up on some things around here and then headed to the grocery store.  Then down to practice Arizona 2 step with Janice and David.  We begin another new class tomorrow afternoon.  We only had 2 lessons before our class was cancelled.  So we have not learned the turns.  Jancie and David helped us to learn at least one of the turns.  We will see how it goes tomorrow night.

Have a wonderful day!

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