Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

OK we are ready to go
Bike riding this morning.  We headed up to the tennis courts to meet the group.  I figured it would be a BIG group, but boy was I surprised to see how many.  The count for brunch was 28.We ate at Carrows restaurant.  That is 10 more than our largest group so far.  With so many new people riding today, we only rode 10 miles.   Previous weeks we have gone a bit more. 

We checked our list of things to do for the afternoon, and began them by calling Verizon to see what is going on with my phone.  It will charge sometimes and sometime it doesn't.  The Verizon service people walked me through some steps to re figure my phone.  I am not sure this will help.  We think it is a connection problem.  So it looks like I will be getting a new phone.

Once we were back at the camper, I headed over to our neighbors to talk to them, since we have not seen them since they left.

Tonight was my first line dance lesson up at the ballroom.  It felt really good line dancing again.   I have not done line dancing for over 30 yrs.  I think it is all coming back.  My next lesson is 3:00 p.m. on Thursday.   I am trying to talk Harris into going with me.  It is really good exercise. 

All in all it was a wonderful day!!

conversation before we leave

Getting ready to leave the park

Heading back after brunch

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