Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thursday: January 10, 2013

We were up early for Harris to go with the hiking group for their weekly hike to Saguaro Lake.  It was a 6 mile hike.  The leader had told them to bring a snack.  I packed him a peanut butter sandwich, and apple.  They left at 7:45 a.m. and got back at 1:30 p.m.  He was tired, but said it was a worthwhile hike.  

Jan Powell pick me up and then we went to get Ann to go to PEO.   I must remember not to eat much before the meeting.  I forgot at each meeting we have a mini brunch.  Luckily I had a light breakfast.  Jan brought us home around lunch time.

Thursday afternoon was my second line dance lesson.  I am really enjoying line dancing again.  It all is coming back to me.  I saw new faces that I had not seen on Monday.  I am looking forward  to Monday again.

Friday: January 11, 2013

This morning when we woke up it was chilly, so we decided to wait to walk until the sun was up and warmer.   So after breakfast, we headed out to take our morning walk.  We headed toward Janice and David's house to pick up Janice for our walk.  The three of us walked about 2 miles.  Harris headed back home, and Janice and I walked another mile.

Back home, we cleaned the house as we were expecting company.  We were really excited that Max and Dave were coming to see us.  We met Maxine (Max) and Dave in Tennessee 2 yrs ago.  We have not seen them since.  However we have kept up with them through email and their blog.  They arrived around 12:00.  We had lunch here at the camper, panini sandwiches, chips, and veggies.  After lunch we walked around the park so they could see all the amenities here at Paradise.

During our walk, I had a conference call, so while we walked I talked.  Dave and Max left around 4:00 p.m.

 Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brrrr, we got up to a really cold day.  The cold front from the jet stream has reached all the way down to Sun City, AZ.  Boy are we not used to this kind of weather.  Funny when it is warmer in Nashville than here in Sun City. Luckily we had unhooked our hose from the camper and used the pump.  

So once again, we waited until the sun was up and warmer to walk.  Since David is out of town, we met Janice again to walk around the park.  We stopped at the ballroom for our monthly "Shoppers Paradise"  After shopping at Shoppers paradise, Janice and I headed out to lunch at Sweet Tomato.  This has become our favorite restaurant.  After lunch we headed for Home Goods to do a little shopping.  Well neither of us bought much.  I bought napkins to go with my placemats.  

Living in the RV makes shopping not as much fun as it used to be.  Every time I buy something, I have to figure out what I am going to get rid of.

I made a new recipe for dinner, which we really liked.  I think I will keep that one.

I hope you all stay warm and have a wonderful day

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