Sunday, January 6, 2013


Happy 12th night

Church this morning.  The choir was back in session after a week of last week.  So we were up and at church by 8:00 a.m. for rehearsal.  Since today is Epiphany, we were singing a song about the kings. 
It is nice to see the congregation growing again, since so many winter visitors are returning to Faith Church.  Pastor Dave welcomed them all back. 

After church we came home for lunch. Harris went out to check out what was going on with our propane bottles.  This morning before we went to church the furnace was not coming on even though it was colder than the setting.  It seems the regulator was not working right.  Luckily Harris had a spare.  So tomorrow he will take the empty bottle to get it filled.  Propane here in Sun City is very cheap, thank goodness, since we are using the furnace each night. 

As I was talking to Kathy, our neighbor, our friends Karma and Gary pulled up to park in their campsite.  We have been waiting for them to come since the 1st.  Gary and Karma were our next door neighbors last year, and are behind us and one over.  Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to spend much time with them, as David and Janice arrived our their bikes for our bike ride.  Our plan was to go for a ride outside of the park.  Today we rode about 10 miles, in the neighborhoods near us. 

After our ride we went to David and Janice's house for a visit.  David made us omelets.  It was a wonderful omelet.  We walked home.  (Janice and David live on 25th and we live on 16th). 

Have a wonderful day!

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