Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greetings from Sun City

We arrived here at Paradise RV Resort around 11:30.   This year we are in a different site.  So far we think we will really like this site better than the one last year.  It looks like our site is a lot bigger than the one last year.  We have already met the neighbors on the left side of us and the one across the street.  As we were eating lunch Gary (the friends we met last year), came over to see if we were here.  They are on 14th Street and we are on 16th.  The funny part is we can look through the other RVs and can see their campsite. 

Since we have been on the road for several days, we needed lots of grocery's.  So it was off to FRY's (some of you may know it as Kroger) to buy food.  Oh darn now I guess I have to cook. 

After dinner Rick  came over to spend some time with us.  We missed Sharon as she had to work.  Chelle was bombed as she too had to work.  We also didn't get to see Jacob, but we know we have 2 months to spend with all of them. 

Tomorrow will be laundry.  It has been two weeks since we did laundry, so there is a bunch. 

Have a wonderful day


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