Monday, February 20, 2012

We are back!!  It seems like a few days  since I wrote on the blog. 

We are getting into the grove here at Paradise RV Resort.  Our mornings still begin with our brisk walk around the park.  I found out the other day if we walk the perimeter of the park 2 times we will have walked 3 miles.  So far we are only walking once around.  We will work up to the 2 times.  We were up to twice around the park last year before we left here.  So I am sure we will get there again this year. 

Friday night we took Jacob to dinner.  It was so good to see him.  We had a wonderful time catching up with him. 

Saturday we did a bunch of things around the camper that we had not done since we set up.  We put up our screen house, not because of the bugs, but for the sun.  We don't have a lot of shade here.  Right now we don't really need it because it is really nice to sit in the sun.  But I am sure by the April we will want some shade. 

Sunday, we headed to Faith Presbyterian Church at 8:00 a.m. to practice with the choir.  Yep for the first time in several years we're going to sing in the choir.  Harris was not able to sing yesterday as it was "Celebrate Women" Sunday at church.  So we had a women's choir.  I am singing in the Alto section.  Wow do I have great Alto's behind me.  I don't have to worry about missing the notes because I don't hear them.  Harris will sing Bass.  We practiced a lot of music for the Lenten season.  I am glad we are singing during Lent.  After church we went to lunch with a group of 10 people (counting us).  They just started small group meals of 8 or 10.  Our friends here at the park Ann and Gary invited us to join their group.  The group concured yesterday that we are now a part of their group.  It will be fun to meet several more people from the church. 

This morning we skiped our walked.  We headed for the front gate and met the bike riding group for the every Monday bike ride.  We rode out to have brunch at Coco's restaurant then back to the park.  All in all we rode almost 13 miles.  We ride through neighborhoods, two by two so you get to talk to someone while you are riding.  When we take a "bun" break the people on the right move up one person so you are talking to someone new each time.  What fun.  I was not sure if we could do it or not, but both us were just fine when we made it back to the park.  I was not sure if I would sit down for awhile, but had no problem at all.  We are already looking forward to next Monday.  Our friends Ann and Gary usually ride too, but Ann had to take Daisy the Clown to a parade this morning. 

Speaking of Daisy, she stopped by when she got home.  She is a really cute clown.  I am now wishing I would have taken a picture of her to post.  Darn!!  Next time, we see her we'll  take the picture. 
Harris getting ready for a bike ride
Have a wonderful Day

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