Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday:  This morning after breakfast, Harris and I went to pick up the rental car.  Then to the grocery store to pick up the snacks I didn't buy at the SAMS.  I also needed to make copies and get the notebooks ready.   When we got back to Paul and Keiko's house, Keiko had lunch ready.  It is really nice to walk into the house and find lunch on the table.  Keiko is a wonderful hostess.  After lunch, I went to work putting all the papers together in each folder.  With that all done, it was time for dinner. 

Paul & Miyabi

Keiko made a wonderful seafood medley over pasta for dinner tonight.  Harris liked it so well, I will try to make it sometime.  Of course she does not have a recipe.  After dinner  Paul & Miyabi got all dressed up for the annual Father & Daughter dance held here in Peach Tree City.  This is the second year they have gone to the dance.  I took some pictures and will post them. 

Tomorrow morning  we will leave Paul's house for Montreat.  It is suppose to be a 4 hr drive but will probably take us 5 hrs.  (we stop a lot). 

I also downloaded pictures I took while we were at Wildwood and Lake Summit.  So I thought I would post them tonight.

R.J. Gators were we enjoyed sea food

Lonnie and Ann

Shipwreck at Lake Summit

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