Friday, February 24, 2012

Harris enjoying the Arizona Rick the balloon guy

A busy day with lots to do, but nothing very special.  Early morning it was up to the laundry to get our weekly wash done.  While the washing was being done we took a walk around the park.  What a great way to get two things done at the same time.  With the washing done it was time for lunch.  It is so nice to be able to have lunch on our patio in front of the camper.  In the afternoon Harris ran some errands, while I worked at home and got ready for a conference call later in the afernoon. 

Thursday night we  pick up Ann and Gary and headed to Faith Presbyterian for dinner.  Twice a month the Faith family meets for dinner and a program.  Last Night the Program was "Arizona Rick" the cowboy Balloon Artist and story-teller.  The food was great and the program was too.  It is really amazing watching  the adults as Rick made many balloon things.  I forgot my camera, but Harris had his phone so here are  the pictures I took with his phone. 

This little boy was a helper
What is that thing on your head?

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