Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our last bike ride here at Paradise for this season.  Since most people in our bike group have gone home, including our leader, we were a smaller group heading out of Monday.  One of our other members lead us on 12 mile ride with a stop at Burger King for brunch.  When we got back to the park we completed our ride up to 15 miles. 


Tuesday morning Harris took the truck to get the tires rotated in preparation for heading back east on Saturday. 

When he got home we had lunch and then headed to Wickenberg to check out what was there.  It is a cute little town about 30 miles from here.  We visited several of the stores and took a walking tour.  The town had many status that when you pressed a button they told the history of the town.  It was really neat. 

Then back to the camper for dinner. 

Sign at Wickenburg

Another Statue

Harris and his new friend

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