Friday, April 13, 2012

Paradise RV Resort

Just another day in Paradise!!  I had a meeting in the morning, while Harris did some planning toward our trip home.  Once I got back, we ate lunch and then headed for the laundry room.  I wanted to get all the laundry done prior to our heading back east. 

While the laundry washed, we were going to go for a walk, but instead we headed back to the camper as Rick and Sharon were coming by the camper to pick up some things we had for them.  After they left, we headed back to put the laundry in the dryer.  Then off we went on a bike ride.  

With the laundry finished we headed back to the camper.  It was break time, so we enjoyed time sitting on our patio enjoying the cooling breeze and warmth of the sun. 

Then it was off to our last  "Thursday night at Faith" dinners.  We always enjoy going to dinner at church.  Last night our program was suppose to be a person who was bringing some reptiles.  But when we got there we found out she was sick and not coming.  So Dale, our choir director, and Ellen our pastor's wife and Parish nurse, lead us in some fun songs.  We always enjoy the catered meal.  The meal was fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, and broccoli salad.  Dessert was apple pie (which I didn't eat). 

Have a wonderful Day!

Fountains at the front of the park

Polly's pond near the rec center

flowers near the pool

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