Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today was an especially sad day for us.  Tomorrow we head back east after being here in Sun City for 2 months.  Since our site had a lot of sun we had the screen house up for some shade.  We took it down yesterday to get a jump on putting things away today.  Plus today was suppose to be rather windy and perhaps a little rainy.  With that done, it made things today a little easier to get the rest put away today.  Since Sun City is dusty, everything we put away, had to be cleaned off prior to being put up. 

We took a break at lunch for go meet Rick and Sharon at Barro's pizza for lunch.  It was a good opportunity to see them one more time before we leave tomorrow.  The pizza was good and the conversation was even better.  We will really miss seeing them.  But we look forward to seeing them again when we come back.  Until then!

Tonight the bikes are loaded on the back, the grill is put away, the plant (which I bought) is in the truck.  I have taken care of everything on the inside.  I even cleaned the camper today.  All I have to do in the morning is finish a few things prior to hooking up. 

Speaking of things being cleaned, Harris also cleaned the outside of the truck. 

So tomorrow morning we will get up bright and early to get ready to leave.  After breakfast we will get things ready and hook up the camper to the truck.   Our plan is to head over to church and park the camper in the church parking lot prior to worship.  In fact if we can we will get there soon enough to sing in the choir. 

Once church is over we will begin our long journey back to Nashville. 

Have a wonderful Day!

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