Friday, April 13, 2012


Karma and Gary
This morning our next door neighbors Karma and Gary, were getting ready to leave.  Then were heading back to  Alberta, Canada. We  have really enjoyed them being our neighbors.  So until next year!! 

It was time now to head out to run our errands.  First off was Weight Watcher for my monthly weigh in.  After that it was breakfast at Paradise Bakery.  Then on to Kohls and Cost Cutters for a hair cut for me.  Before going home, we had to go to the post office, and SAMS. 

With the errands done, we headed home to get some things done around here toward moving out on Sunday.  As we sat on our patio enjoying a break, our neighbor, Kathy, asked if we wanted some lettuce.  Which, of course, we accepted.  I went across the street to see her and pick up the lettuce and check out her garden.  Wow what a garden she has in the back of her park model.  Most of it is in containers.  She really has a "green" thumb. 

Dinner tonight was around the pool, for "Berger bash". 

Tomorrow will be another busy day!

Have a wonderful Day!

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