Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday:   Day trip to Lake Pleasant Regional Park.   We wanted to go check our what the Lake Pleasant Regional Park looked like.  So we headed out after lunch.  We found Lake Pleasant.  It is really strange to see a lake in this area since it is so dry.  The creeks do not have even a trickle of water.   After touring a private campground, we headed to the Regional Park campground to check it out. 

After checking the campground out we headed for the marina where we found Dillon's Scorpion restaurant.  We both decided on a catfish sandwich, cole slaw and a beer.  It made it even better since we ate on the deck looking out at the lake.  Of course there were several ducks thinking we should share our dinner with them.  Many did, but we just enjoyed ours. 

Then it was back to the camper!

Have a wonderful day.

Who me?

The satisfied look

Waiting for a morsel??

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