Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Again!!

If you follow the blog you have noticed that I have not posted anything since last Saturday. 

 We left Sun City on Sunday right after church heading east toward home.  As planned we got up early enough to hook up the camper and head to church to park the camper in the church lot, while we attend church.  It was fun to sing in the choir one more time this season.  When church was over we headed for coffee prior to heading out.  When we walked into fellowship hall we saw a couple that looked familiar.  As it turned out they were a couple we had in interim education a few years ago.  He was in between interims.  It turns out their home is in Sun City.  We were really sad and we were leaving as they were just arriving. 

Since I had packed lunch to save time, we ate our lunch in the truck.  The first night we got to Gallup, New Mexico where we stayed in a Walmart parking lot.  The next night we stayed in a campground in Amarillo, TX.  Then onto Onapa, Arkansas, where we stayed in another campground. 

For our last night out we had decided to spend the night at the Thousand Trails preserve near Memphis.  As it turned out it was pretty far from Memphis.  It was ok, but if we are not in the area we probably will not be staying there very often.  We like Natchez Trace Thousand Trails Preserve better and it is closer to home. 

We arrived back in Nashville around 4:30 p.m.  After getting the camper put in the driveway, we began the unpacking process.  Wow, that was something.  With it all done, we are now trying to get things put away here in the house. 


I began the day with coffee with Priscilla.  It has been a long time since I saw her so it was great seeing her again.  The rest of the day, we either spent finishing the camper unpacking or running errands. 

Tomorrow is another day!!

Have a great day.

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