Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15 - Tax Day!

Well it looks like I have not bloged in over a week again.  It seems like our last week at Paradise was a really busy one.  We did so many lasts for this year. 

Monday, April 8

We skipped the  bike ride to have breakfast with Rick and Sharon. Jacob was admitted to the hospital,so Rick an Sharon went to the hospital to see him.   We headed out to do some other errands we wanted to run before the bad weather came.  Around 10:00 a.m. the wind picked up and continued to build as it the day went on.  Finally late afternoon, the winds got really strong, and the dust was flying.  Then the rains came.  It rained mud.  The bad part of is Harris had just finished washing the camper on Saturday.  In fact he had just cleaned the windows on sunday.  After the "mud rain" the windows were totally covered.  We were looking out through spotted windows.   Needless to say we spent the rest of the day inside.  it was way to nasty to be outside. 

Tuesday, April 9,

With Jacob in the hospital we decided to go spend some time with him.  He was in ICU, trying to recover from pnomenia or fluid in his lungs.  He was on massive antibotics and oxegyn.  We spend about 2 1/2 hrs visiting with him. While we were visiting him the pulmaoligist  came in and reduced his oxygen from 32L to a regular flow.  That was good news.   We left to go get some lunch.  Then home. 

Janice and David fixed dinner for us that night.  We had chicken, mac salad, veggies, and wine.  What a great meal from our great friends. 

Wednesday,  April 10

Janice and I walked early in the morning while Harris was at church meeting with the staff of Faith church.  Then home to work on his sermon for Sunday.   We didn't do anything else special the rest of the day. 

Good news!!  Jacob was transferred out of ICU to a room upstairs. 

Wednesday night David, Janice, Harris and I went out to eat at "Bitsy Mama's" Mexican restaurant in Glendale, AZ,, only to find out they close on Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m.  We were there at 6:00.  So we went to the German restrauant .  After oour meal, we walked over to look at a ventage hotel that has been turned into a B&B.  Luckily, while we were there we ran into the owner who was giving a tour to a couple of other people.  She asked us to join them. It was really neat to see how they had refurbished the old hotel.  We also found out they have live music on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Thursday, April 11

PEO social luncheon at 11:00.  Jan Powell picked me up and we headed off to the Sun City Country club for the luncheon.  This was my last meeting until we return next fall.  It gave me a chance to tell my PEO sisters goodbye for now.  Harris was having coffee with a friend. 

Thursday afternoon, Harris was working on his sermon, so I went down to visit with Janice and David.  After he worked on his sermond, he said he needed to do something physical.  So he went out to wash part of the camper.   Thursday night we were on David and Janice Deck again for happy hour. 

Friday, April 12

I was really excited about our trip to the Mesa Swap meet.  I have been waiting all season to go.  Gaye, Cork, David and Janice and us left Paradise at 8:30 to take the trip to the swap meet.  It took us over an hour and half to get there.  Mesa Swap meet is a very big flea market.  We walked around the whole place.  Then off to lunch at the "Four Peaks Grill and Tap" in Scottsdale.  After lunch we stopped at the hospital to see Jacob.  He had been sleeping when the nurse woke him up to take his vitals.  So we didn't stay long. 

After we got home, we decided to have snacks on the deck for dinner.  Janice and I put together what ever snacks we had on hand, and took them to her house. 

Saturday, April 13

Laundry day!!  In our plans to get ready to leave Paradise, Saturday was to be laundry day.  Janice and I walked while the wash was going.  Harris was home finishing up his sermon for Sunday.  After the laundry was done, we headed out to the grocery store to buy some things we needed.  Then, I went for a bike ride and ended up at David and Janice's.  After dinner we headed back to the deck to spend some time with Janice and David.

Sunday, April 14

This morning Harris was preaching at Faith Presbyterian Church.  We headed to church so I could sing in choir and he could get ready to preach.  I had invited Gaye, Cork, Janice and David to come to worship.  I had asked them to sit on the right side of the sanctuary, so I could join them after the choir sang.  Harris's sermon was really good. I hadn't realized how much I miss his preaching.  But after the week of preparation, I am glad he is not preaching every week.  I missed him doing things with me. 

After worship, the 6 of us went to lunch at JiMichaels.  I had invited Barb (my friend from church) and her neighbor Ron, but she declined.  She had lots to do to get ready to leave for Kansas on Monday. 

We got home after lunch and go busy getting things ready to head out on Monday.   Plans for a pitch in dinner at Janice and David's were put together at the last minute.  Janice and I headed to the grocery store to pick up some things.  Cork, Gaye, Margie, Perry, David, Janice and Harris had a get together one more time, until we all return.

We were leaving on Monday.  Gaye and Cork are leaving on Tuesday.  Margie and Perry are leaving on Wednesday.  Janice and David will be there another week or so. 

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