Sunday, April 7, 2013


Exercise in the morning, Thursday is our 3 mile walk fitness class.  Our class has gotten smaller as people have been leaving.  In the February and March we would have as many as 20 people in our class, we now have 6 or 7.  Next week they will have even less as we will be gone. 

After class it was laundry day!  While the laundry was washing, I went over to the pool to get some sun.  When the wash was done, I headed back to hang the sheets and several other things in the "solar dryer"(clothes lines outside the laundry room).  It is so nice to be able to hang so many of our clothes outside on a line.  While the other clothes were in the dryer I headed back to the pool area to enjoy a little more sun. 

After lunch Harris went over to church do some planning for services next Sunday.  Since he will be the guest preacher at Faith Presbyterian Church, here in Sun City.  I am really looking forward to his preaching again. 

Thursday afternoon, I took a bike ride around the park to take some pictures of the flowering cactus.  Their blooms only last a day.  So you have to catch them. 

Harris cooked chicken on the grill for dinner and we ate outside.  It was beautiful. 


Exercise again this morning.  Today it is strength training with walking and bands.  We really feel so much better after we exercise.  After breakfast, and getting ready for the day, Jan Powell picked me up to go shopping at some consignment shops in Scottsdale.  We ate a wonderful lunch at Seasons 52. 

While I was out of the camper, Harris worked on his sermon for next week.  Good planning!  When I got home he was ready to do some active.  We decided to go on a bike ride around the park.  Cork and Gaye went with us.  If we do every street in the park, we ride 4 miles.  Not a bad ride.  Our ride gave us another chance to look at the flowering cactus

Have a great day



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