Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thursday- Aurora Colorado

Our campsite at Cherry Creek State Park Campground
The sun was up this morning and the weather was a whole lot better than it had been all week.Since the day was suppose to be a lot warmer, we went up to the laundry room to wash  the jeans so we could hang them outside.  Then, I had two conference calls that day, so we didn''t go to far from the camper.  My first call was the Montreat Leadership Team for the August Art of Ministry Event.  Once that call was over, it was time for lunch.  Then the second conference call.  All in all we stayed close to the

Thursday night we headed to Rob and Laurie's for dinner.  Then headed back home. 

Friday- Cherry Creek State Park

Our plans for the day was to head to Chatfield State Park to check out the park and the campgroound there.  Chatfield, is about 45 minutes from  Cherry Creek State Park.  Since the day was really nice, we decided to take out bikes so we could ride around the park.  We also took a picnic lunch.  We enjoyed our outing at the park.  When we left the park, we came back into town to shop at Sprouts, Target, Ace Hardware, Kohls,Goodwell, and Walmart.  Then back to the camper to get ready to go to Rob and Lauries for dinner.   We bought Katie a lawnmower.  We decided to order in. 

Mountains from Chatfield State Park

Picnic at Chatfield State Park

View from Chatfield State Park

Katie and her new Lawnmower

Katie mowing the driveway


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