Monday, April 22, 2013


We began our day by going to the Overland High School to watch Katie in here Gymnsatics class.  This is a tots class of kids up to 3 yrs old.  What fun to watch Rob and Katie as she went through some of the things they were to do.  What a special time to watch them together.  We will go again next Saturday. 
Rob and Katie
After Katie's class we headed to Panera for breakfast.  Then back to Rob and Laurie's before we headed to the outlet mall at Castle Rock.  After shopping, it was back to the kids's house for the afternoon and dinner. After dinner, we were having cookies and milk.  Katie was enjoying her cooking on her daddy's lap, when she saw Rob dip his cookie in his milk.  Well it wasn't long until she was dipping her cookie in his milk.  Ohh that was good, she thought.  It was so cute watching her dip her cookie in her daddies milk.  We headed back to the camper after Katie went to bed.
Umm Good
We decided to attend church at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Aurora.  It is only about 10 min from the camper and about the same from the kids house.  We have attended there a couple of other times.  They are a small, but friendly congregation.  We enjoyed talking to a couple of couples, one who had been full time RVers for 7 years, before they settled down.  The other couple  winter in Tucson.  We plan to attend church again next Sunday. 
After church, we headed Rob and Laurie's for lunch before we went to the Children's Museum.  What fun it was to see Katie in the toddler area.  She is so much fun to watch.  I love watching her. 
After a couple of hours of play, we headed back to the kids for a nap for Katie, and Grandpa.  Then dinner.  Laurie had put a roast in the crock  pot for Italian beef.  Laurie is taking a cake decorating class, so she was working on decorating a her first cake.  It turned out just great. 
Wow the warmest temps of the day were at 7:00 a.m.  41 degrees.  The temperatures continued to drop to 27 this afternoon.  We ran some errand this morning.  We wanted to go out before it got really cold.  We went into Walmart, it was a little breezy, but when we came out 15 min later it was cloudy, breezy, and getting colder.  We headed home.  By the time we got here the snow flurries were already starting. 
A few hours later there was snow on the ground and it was COLD.  We are suppose to go down to 19 overnight.  I am sure glad we had two full tanks of propane before we left Sun City.  We are sure using them right now, plus the electric heater. 
Snow outside our camper
We decided not to go over to Rob and Laurie;s tonight as it was to cold and messy.  We are missing a night with Katie.  I am disappointed about that.  But we will see her tomorrow night.  So we are here at home where it is warm and cozy.
Have a great day
Katie at the Children's Museum
Hi there Grandma

Wanna play ball
Say Cheese
Grandpa plays at the at the Children's Museum



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