Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wednesday,  Aurora Colorado

Grandpa and Katie reading
Up early to head to Rob and Laurie's to keep Katie while Rob and Laurie went to work.  We had a great time with her.  I figured she would cry when Laurie left for work, but she didn't seem to mind.  In fact when Laurie left, Katie and I were reading  a book.  We had a wonderful time all day.  We played inside, and outside.  Katie helped me do the laundry, fix my coffee with the Kerig Coffee pot.She and Grandpa read books and magazines.  She laughed and played.  What a great day we had.  Of course she was glad to see her mom and dad come home.   

Katie reading a book with Granpa

Katie rides her her car

Grandma and Katie on their walk
Mamma and Katie

Chips  (Katie loves chips)


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