Friday, December 28, 2012

December 26


We spent  part of the day working around the camper and trying to find places for some of the things we got for Christmas.   We had some returns to make, so off we went to the store to make the couple of returns needed to be made.  We were really surprised it was not as crowded as it thought it would be. 

December 27


I had to work some of the day.  So we spent the morning doing computer work, prior to leaving to run more errands.  One of the things I am finding about living in the camper is we go to the grocery store a lot, because there isn't enough room to storage room. 

Thursday evening we Janice and David had invited us to go with them on a moonlight hike at the White Tank Mountains.  Janice and David picked us up at 5:45 for the drive to the mountain where we met the guide for our hike.  There were approximately 25 people on the hike.  Since the moon was full we didn't even need our flashlights until we got up to the waterfall.  What a wonderful night.  We were so glad Janice and David invited us to come with them. 

We are really enjoying spending our time with them. 

Harris getting for our hike

Janice and David getting their trekking poles ready

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