Thursday, December 13, 2012


Laundry Day!! 

It has to be done.  So up to the laundry room I went to get the clothes washed and dried.  Harris went to get some boxes to finish getting our Christmas gifts ready to mail to friends and family.  When he got back, he picked me up at the laundry room with clean clothes and those that needed to be hung on the line behind the camper. 

With the laundry done it was lunch time.  One of the joys of being here is to sit outside in the sun to have our lunch.   Then off to the post office to mail the packages.  With that done it was back home to enjoy some down time before dinner.   Harris fixed some brats on the grill, while I fixed french fries, salad and veggies. 

Once dinner was over, we headed up to the Ballroom for a Christmas program with the Singing Cowboy.  It was actually two cowboys called "2nd chance"  They were very good.  In fact I think they could have made it big in Nashville.  The program was GREAT. 

Another perk of living here at Paradise. 

We are suppose to  begin  raining  tomorrow afternoon and Friday.  Folks around here get really excited when it rains, because they don't get much rain.  In fact I understand this year they didn't even get much during monsoon season.  So If it rains a lot, they will be really happy. 

Have a wonderful day!

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