Monday, December 31, 2012


Up at our usual time for our walk around the park.  After breakfast we decided it was time to do a little cleaning in the camper and get some rugs washed.  So up to the laundry room we went.  With the rugs washed and out on tables to dry, we headed to the grocery store to buy some things for White Chicken Chili 

After lunch, Harris defrosted the freezer.  While it was defrosting, we walked to David and Janice's park model, to take Janice the rug I made for her for her birthday.  We enjoyed time with them prior to coming back home, for me to make the chili.

We had a quiet evening at home. 


The choir had the week off, so we got to stay in bed a little longer than usual.  It felt really strange sitting in the congregation, but nice to be out there visiting with people in the congregation. 

Sunday afternoon, it was Cloudy and cold so we stayed inside.  It began to rain around 4:00 as we waited for Ann and Gary to arrive at Paradise to check into their site.  Just as they were arriving the rain stopped, long enough for them to set up.  Then it began again.  We had invited them to dinner at our house so Ann didn't have to cook.  They arrived around 6:00 for White Chicken Chili.  We had a wonderful time catching up.  Of course there were no silent moments. 

We are glad they are here and will be here for the next 3 months. 

Until tomorrow

Waiting for more RV's to come in

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