Monday, December 10, 2012


First order of business was to get my eamil changed from Comcast to gmail.  Within minutes it had been done. 

Christmas Shopping!!  We don't have many gifts to buy this year, since we did some shopping on line.  That is very unusual for someone who loves to go shopping.  But with living in the camper there is not room to store gifts, etc.  so we need to either get the gift and send it right away, or order it and have it mailed.  We could not find all the things we wanted on line, so we will have to mail some things. 

We headed to Toys R Us and then to target.  About half way through our shopping, I told Harris I was trying to get into the Christmas spirit.  He agreed with me.  It is hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it is in the 80's.  So to help me get in the Christmas spirit, I came home and put the Christmas music on the Cd player.    I also decorated the camper as much as I have to decorate. 

Our Christmas Tree


Shoppers Paradise at the Ballroom!!  Shoppers Paradise has lots of booths for shopping, with crafts, and other really neat things.  We didn't buy much, but enjoyed talking with a lot of folks.   We went up at 9:15 and came back home at 11:00. 

Saturday afternoon, we spent doing things around the camper. 


No church for Harris, as he pulled a muscle in his leg and was having trouble walking.  So I headed off for choir practice.  It was a great day at church.  Dave had a really good sermon.  It felt great being back in the choir. 

After church I came home to get Harris, who was walking much better, to head to lunch with Rick and Sharon at Arriba's restaurant.   We had a great lunch with them. 

The rest of the afternoon, I worked on APIMS stuff.  I am trying to catch up. 


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