Monday, December 17, 2012


Thursday morning I headed out to attend my PEO group here in Sun City.  I was delighted that so many people remembered me from last season.  This was the Christmas brunch, which was really nice. 

Thursday night be went to "Thursdays at Faith" dinner and program at church.  The meal is always catered and the program is usually great.  The program on Thursday was the "Sun City Ringers" bell choir.  Our Bell director is a part of the group.  Twelve of the 24-26 ringers were part of the program.  What a great program.  They played several Christmas carols which we sang to.  It was a lot of fun.  I was going to take some pictures, but I left the camera in the truck.  So no pics. 


The big event of our day was having lunch with Jacob.  This was the first time we say him since we got here.  After lunch we did some Christmas shopping for Chelle and Jacob.  So that much is done. We are almost done with all the shopping.  We only have Rick, Sharon, and each other to buy for.  It was fun walking around the mall with all the Christmas decorations, and even the people. 

Friday afternoon it began clouding up and by dinner time it rained, first light and then harder.  The forecast was for more rain during the night.  This time the weather forecasters were not wrong.  It did rain during the night.


We woke up to more rain.  We were suppose to have Patio sales on Saturday, but the rain kept us from going out.  I understand there were a handful of people who did put stuff out.  We decided not to go out in the rain.  It continued to rain all day.  People around here get excited to get rain, since they don't get it very often.  The rain kept up off and on until Sunday morning. 

With it raining, we decided to get something done around the camper that we had been putting off since we got here.  I finally framed some pictures to hang on the wall with the other two we already had hung.  I also began a Christmas letter.  I have not done a Christmas letter in years. 


Sunday, we headed to church for choir practice at 8:00 a.m.  Then after church we went out for lunch before coming home to finish some things we started on Saturday.  The day turned out sunny and nice.  It was a lazy afternoon. 

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