Saturday, December 22, 2012


What a busy day!!   We began our day with our daily walk around the park (about 1 1/2 miles).  Each morning we plan to get up and walk.  It seems we meet the same people everyday.

After breakfast, we cleaned the house. 

 At 11:30 Jan Powell, picked me up to go to lunch at Mimi's restaurant.   After lunch we headed to the mall to pick up a couple of gifts, (one I needed to get and one Jan needed to get).   I enjoyed my time with Jan and we hope to get together again some time after the first of the year. 

When I got home from my lunch with Jan, we began to get things ready for Janice and David to come over for happy hour and dinner.  We fixed some cheese, smoked sausage, cracker and dip.  For dinner we had home made pizza and the salad Janice brought.  Dessert was chocolate and white coated pretzels.  The evening was really great.


This morning was wash day!!!  So after breakfast we headed to the Laundry to begin our washing.  While the wash was washing we began our walk.  With time up on the washing, we headed back to put the washing in the drying, then back out to finish our walk.   We hung the sheets outside.  (I can't wait to put them on the bed, they will smell sooooo good).  

With the washing done, we headed home to fix chicken salad for Jacob who was coming out to bring us some shredded cabbage for grandpa to make him Cole slaw.  It was really great to have Jacob have lunch with us here at the camper. 

After Jake left, we decided we needed to run out and pick up a few things from the grocery store, and to finish getting a few things for Christmas.  We are finally finished with Christmas. 

Tonight after dinner, we wrapped all the gifts.  We plan to take them to Rick and Sharon's house tomorrow to put them under their tree.   Since we do not have room here at the house. 

Have a wonderful day!

Packages we mailed 2 weeks ago


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