Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tuesday- Thursday

Gosh were did this week go???  It seems like it just began, and here it is almost over. 


We attended the pancake breakfast at the ballroom here at the park.  After lunch, Rick came over to help Harris change the rims on the camper.  The new ones arrived last week, so they needed to be changed.  I am so thankful that Rick was here to help Harris out.  While the guys worked on the tires, I went shopping with Janice.  

Tuesday night we were invited to Dave and Ellen's (our pastor and his wife) for dinner.  They had also invited another friend (Father Larry) to join us.  Dinner was very delicious, and comfortable.  We had a wonderful time. 


I went to Weight Watchers for my monthly weigh in.  Then Harris and I finished our Christmas shopping.  Well almost finished.   There is a couple more things to buy, plus stocking stuffers. 


This morning Harris got up and headed up to the Tennis courts to join the Hiking group for their weekly hike.  The Paradise bus took them to a place where they hiked about 4 1/2 miles and up to 4,000 ft.  Harris said the terrain was rough and rocky. 

I had a Presbyterian Women's meeting at church this morning  ending with lunch.  The special program today was the Faith Church bells.  I enjoyed being with the women at church.  The more I do the more people I meet. 

The same is true around here, the more we do the more people we meet. 

I have not baked anything yet.   I did make coated pretzels the other night and again today.   I found out today, that I am baking desserts for Christmas dinner at Rick and Sharon's house.   So I guess I will be baking. 

I hope you have a wonderful

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